MAV vs Panic Disorder

Hi Everyone,

Initially when my dizzy condition went Chronic back in 1992 i was diagnosed with Panic Disorder. Then after that i was told by other doctors i possibly have Inner-ear dysfuncktion w/anxiety or possibly Menieres. Last year (2006) I visited Dr. Robert Baloh at UCLA and he diagnosed me with MAV. When i told him initially i was diagnosed with Panic Disorder…well he said that your doctor wasnot too far off… that Migraine problems and Panic/Anxiety disorders are cousins of one another.

Has anyone here also diagnosed with Panic or anxiety disorder but years later diagnosed with MAV?


I was diagnosed with panic attacks 20 years ago (see “Post your story here” - about half-way down the page). About 2 months after making that post I was diagnosed with MAV by a neurologist.

I can’t say I understand what the connections are, but I wholeheartedly agree there is one.

i have to agree with you here too - i had panic disorder in my early 20’s. migraines started around the same time. Now i have 24/7 MAV

I was dignosed with anxiety disorder. Because the Xanax helps, certainly doesn’t relieve all the symptoms though, I thought this a correct dignosis for a long time. But I had other things that didn’t fit. Like the migrianes without headache jsut aura and numbness and timgling in fingers not to mention the horrid faint feelings and trouble with my eyes.

I think they are related to lack of seretonin in the brain.


Thanks everyone for your responses. If i do not take medication daily it would be difficult to leave the house or continue with my part-time job because the Rocking Motion overwhelmes me…and then i will definitely turn into a Panic. It’s almost like your on a drug trip. I am very thankful for anti-anxiety medication…even though i am diagnosed with Migraine Eqivalent…this kind of medication lessens the rocking so that i feel more stationary.


Hi Joe

I was certainly treated for anxiety in my early twenties by a psychiatrist who put me on Ativan but I didn’t take it for long as I felt like a zombie on it. After that I just tried to get on with life but I’ve always had a tendency to anxiety and have suffered the occasional panic attack since having balance problems. My family has a history of migraine so I wasn’t surprised that I started having more headaches in my thirties. I saw my mum go through hell with migraines when she was in her forties/fifties. She was also being treated for anxiety with benzos at the time.
Then in my late thirties came the vertigo and balance stuff - I live with it daily & have very few answers to date - other than labs or atypical Meniere’s. The anxiety certainly seems to go hand in hand with the other symptoms and I find myself working really hard to get out there and live my life when I’m very anxious. Being outside on my own sends me very panicky at the moment!