Mav with new odd trigger..please help

Hi I am new to the mvertigo forum. I was diagnosed with MAV last March 2010. In the last 2 months my vertigo has been triggered by loud music near my right ear and the hairdryer when near my right ear. Can this be part of MAV or something else?

Thank you!
Holly :shock:

Hi Holly,

apologies, because I don’t know much about these subjects - but I would suggest you take a look at “Tullio phenomenon” and “Superior canal dehiscence” just to see what fits with your symptoms and with what your feeling…? Mind you, knowing how strange MAV can be, this may just be another strange MAV trigger…? Does it not trigger in your left ear…?


Thankyou for responding Tony. It only triggers in my right ear. I have an appt to see my neurotologist this Friday. Hopefully he will do some testing to investigate it further. I’ve checked the symptoms for the scd and Tullio’s. I do have some of the symptoms but i don’t hear my eyes moving or tongue or anything else besides annoying tinnitus.