MAV with or without headache

Hi there,

when I read about medication that is used for MAV or Migraine,there is always a discussion on the effectiveness in reducing headaches.Other sysmptoms(the list goes on and on) are rarely discussed and how they may be reduced.This just tickles me a bit I suppose seeing that I am a non headache sufferer.Hain reckons one should see a response on Verapamil in two weeks,once again headache relief.What about the rest???Anyway,just very dizzy form the damn Verapamil and not sure what to do.



I was diagnosed with Meniere’s but I’m pretty sure this is all migraine related. Anyway, I was prescribed serc for increasing blood flow to the inner ear. Take when required. I think its really helped to decrease my vertigo. You could ask your doctor about it.
Hope you get some relief soon x

Hi Emylee,have tried SERC a long time ago.Does nothing.

That’s a great point. I only have one headache a month that lasts for 3 days, so my main symptoms consist of the feeling as if you just got off a boat. That unsteadiness feeling. lightheaded…It never goes away. I’ve never had a day since my diagnosis that I have been symptom free. I would do anything to wake up one morning and feel “normal”. I’ve been on the migraine diet for 2 months and have noticed a big difference, but still not 100%. When people mention triggers when they eat certain foods, do you get headaches from eating trigger foods or more dizziness? I’m a newbie and just got diagnosed in January. 1st Dr thought it was Meniere’s but now I see Dr. Rauch and he is pretty sure it is MAV and not Meniere’s. So lucky to have great Doctors in Boston.

I rarely get headaches, but I have sooooo many other symptoms of Migraine!!