MAV with Vestibular Damage?

I just had alot of vestibular testing done and the lady who gave me the tests said that it sounded like I had MAV, but migraine couldn’t cause any vestibular weakness. Your thoughts??

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.


Hi DJDizzy

What sort of doctor was it that performed the tests - it sounds like the sort of thing an ENT would say - I doubt a neurotologist would ever make such a statement.

There are two ways that researchers believe MAV might cause vestibular weakness - one is that blood flow to the inner ear is decreased due to vasospasms in the brain cutting off the blood supply. The cells then simply die, much as they would from a virus etc.

The other is that ion channels that exist on cells in the inner ear and in the brain dysfunction together and cause both central and peripheral symptoms simultaneously, or independently.

Certainly, a large proportion of people with MAV have abnormal ENGs.