Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with MAV about 6 months ago, after about 12 months of confusion! My neurologist put me on epilim about 2 weeks ago and I have found it to be a great relief. I almost feel normal again! I’m not quite sure how medication for epilepsy helps - does anyone else?

Lozza :smiley:


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Just a note: for those who don’t know, Epilim is a brand name of Sodium Valproate here in Australia/NZ.

Glad to hear you’re improving. Doesn’t it make you just angry (and upset) that most doctors do not recognise this syndrome and you could have avoided a lot of misery!!



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I am so glad you have found some relilef from this disorder.

Please share with us how you are doing.


Hi Raven,

I have been on Epilim for about a month now and it is really kicking in. Whilst I’m still not 100%, my confidence has improved dramatically. I’ve been exercising a few days a week and my concentration has also improved at work.

I’m a bit concerned, however, that the epilim is simply managing the problem rather than fixing it. I’ll bring this up with my neurologist when I see him in a month. At the moment though, I’m just gald something is working - I have very busy few months ahead with my last semester of uni and a wedding to plan!!

Hoping all is OK with you,


Thanks for update!