Mavericks - new Mac OSX

Hi Guys,

Well if getting knocked around from installing iOS7 wasn’t enough, I’ve just updated my iMac to the new Mavericks. Instantly I started feeling dizzy with this new version. Something is different with the way this OS displays fonts - everything really is different. It seems sharper and it’s totally leaving me disorientated. Any of you guys updated your Mac to this new version? Have you noticed any problem or any difference.

It really is like the same algorithm used on iOS7 to display stuff is on here too. Damn this. :shock:

I don’t want to freak anyone out. I just have a nasty case of visual vertigo when it comes to computer screens. It won’t likely affect anyone here – not this Mavericks thing anyway.

I think it’s time I see a specialist about this visual garbage again. There must be some sort of VRT that is suitable to take the weight off the way my brain seems to favour visual input for its balance information.


I’m sorry it’s bothering you so much! I hope it gets better. Can you uninstall the update?

Scott, can you explain what visual vertigo is? I’m always confused when someone uses that term.

I know I have always felt queasy when watching certain scenes on a screen, especially those filmed with a hand-held or shaky camera. In fact, I can remember watching old home movies and feeling like I was going to vomit and needing to use the bathroom right away. (I know many people who react that way as well.)

Is visual vertigo something different?

Hi Joy,

Yes, I can revert back to Mountain Lion thanks but I haven’t given up just yet. I’ll give it time and hope I can adjust to Mavericks. It doesn’t feel as full on as iOS 7 did on the phone bizarrely. Failing that I’m going to make an appt with my GP and get a referral to someone who can improve the situation for me. It’s getting to the point where I won’t be able to use anything in about 3 years. :shock:

KL – visual vertigo is vertigo of any kind kicked off by visual stimulation as far as I know.

The feeling I get is instant disorientation. It’s like my head is swimming or floating in water. It sticks around after I leave the Mac for a while. If I sit here for hours like this it would really derail me. When I first bought this Mac I did feel off when I used it as I did on the iPad2 but with both it stopped after a while. I think the iPad took me 2 weeks. But all the while I was adjusting it wasn’t so severe that it was a deal breaker if that makes sense. Other things have been a deal breaker though, such as i OS 7 and the MacBook Air for example.

Thanks, Scott. Yes, that is different than what I experience. Last night we were watching The Hunger Games on Netflix and I got so queasy I had to leave the room. My husband and kids were fine with the shaky camera; I kept asking them, “None of you feel sick watching this?” and they looked at me like I was insane. I was so nauseated, but it didn’t make my head feel like it’s in a swimming pool, a feeling I am familiar with…

The upside is that I needed to take a Phenergan for nausea, which helped me sleep like a baby. I woke up (again) without tinnitus for the second day in a row. (I’m doing an experiment, and it appears that when I sleep soundly, I awake without that darn ear ringing…)

KL - that’s a bummer. I got set off by a massive 3D TV on the weekend in a shop. Just watched it for 30 seconds and BOOM.

I’ve improved with the new OS. It looks like I will be able to handle it - I think. However, I may dump it anyway. I have a 2007 iMac and the way Mavericks renders fonts just looks wrong on the older display. Either that or I really take a risk and grab a whole new iMac! :shock:

Good news. The dizziness seems to have stopped on this machine. That’s a good sign. Wish this happened on other devices. I have to say though that the effect was not super intense on the iMac. Seems to be a level where this brain gets a grip and other times where it just doesn’t.

Scott, I similarly am set off by some computers. My office PC, which used an older Intel processor and an Acer monitor was fine. I bought the exact same monitor to hook to my home HP laptop because looking at the laptop screen makes me instantly ill (dizzy, head pressure, nausea). Oddly, I still get ill using the home computer making me think that it is not the monitor, but rather the graphics display that is controlling this.

Now my office computer died a natural death and a new computer was put in. Looking at the same monitor hooked to the new monitor made me instantly ill. We tried putting in an old CRT monitor, but it didn’t help. We’ve turned up the refresh from 60 hz to 75 hz, but no cigar. We’ve adjusted the brightness, but no luck. We’re on our third monitor and second replacement computer.

Another odd clue is that, while looking at text on my home computer (e.g., scrolling through a Facebook history or reading a newspaper article), I often get sick. However, watching video content, such as television episodes or movies downloaded through iTunes, NEVER causes me a problem. Thus, I’m not in the same boat (pardon the expression!) as those who have trouble with motion on the screen. In fact, just the opposite. I’m convinced that it relates somehow to flicker and brightness.

As you can imagine, work has become absolutely torture. If I spend too long looking at the screen (just 10 or 15 minutes), I’m stuck with the awful symptoms for hours. I know that there have been discussions here from time to time regarding what folks have discovered about what sets them off and possible solutions. (Note that I purchase the so-called “migraine glasses” and they don’t help me at all.) Any insight you could provide would be welcome.