Med advice? vision too crisp, tiredness, pressure in face

Hi guys,

I’m seeing my neuro on Friday to discuss what we do next as propranolol hasn’t worked… In fact I am more depressed and more tired.

I just wondered if anyone who has the same main symptoms as me could tell me if they’ve had any success with any drugs in particular?

My worse symptoms, and the ones that prevent me from being unable to work are

  1. Dizzy ness which seems to come from having vision which seems too crisp and too bright. I know, sounds mad, but I did read somewhere someone else having this… It feels like my prescription for my eyes is too strong, but it’s not. Everything has an outline around it as though I can see every tiny detail of everything. Iv had this for 2 years now but it has ramped up since this dizziness started. In the beginnj g, it was definite dizziness but over time it seems more related to this strange extra crisp vision. Iv had my eyes tested twice and checked out extensively.

  2. I’m absolutely tired all the time without any let up. I sleep thru the night (9.5-10hrs) and then wake up feeling as though iv only had a couple of hours.

I also have face pressure all the time to varying degrees in my nose which tingles, and it feels like sinus pressure headache behind the eyes and a band round the head. I also find my gums feel they throb occasionally as does my nose.

I also have tinnitus, ear pressure but I can live with those things.

If anyone has any experience in knocking out the vision probs and the tiredness, along with maybe the face/eyes/nose pressure I’d be really interested.

Thanks xxx

Since you say you are feeling depressed, and propranolol can actually exacerabate depression (it did for me) I think logically you could start on an antidepressant. Since they work well for migraine prevention, it should be a good next step. Now it’s just a matter of finding one that has side effects you can tolerate. I think effexor or cymbalta would be a good choice, as they are less “tiring” since they have a norepinephrine component (vs. plain serotonin)…you never know till you try. I take Cymbalta twice a day and it doesn’t make me tired at all.
Hopefully your doctor can guide you well…
Good luck and keep us posted!

Thank you kelley. He agreed on an anti d but was keen on amitryptiline… Said to c him in two wks but not to expect improvement in thar time. I’m going mad!
He was reluctant to use topamax due to depression it may cause.


I am new to the world of migraine prophylaxis, but here are a few suggestions I have learned from reading.

What about trying Effexor? Its from the anti-depressant class of drugs. Dr. Hain like it because of its high rate of efficacy (80%) and it is good at treating the sensory amplifications common in migraine sufferers.