Med Advice?

I’ve been on nortriptyline for almost 2 years now and i am at 40mg yes it is moving slowly anyways i am really med sensitive and i havent had any real bad side effects on this except weight gain i hvae gained 20+ lbs on this since last summer…yea i know being healthy is more important but I am HATING this weight gain and it keeps climbing…should i switch meds??? any suggestions??

It would depend on whether or not you think this medication is/ can provide relief.
My own opinion… I would take being fat over dizzy any day!

Dear DD,
I am also on Nortri at 40 mg and was worried about weight gain. I did put on some weight , I guess around 7 or 8 pounds which I have managed to lose in the last 6 weeks. I sympathize so much , I know my health is more important but the weight gain gives an extra deal to the equation that is MAV and made me feel miserable when I looked in the mirror.
From what I understand all the anti depressant meds have some risk of gain…, I may be wrong … no idea of the other types of meds , I am sure someone knows.
Not to be simplistic or unhelpful or obvious …but have you looked at what you eat in case you are in fact putting weight on due to eating more ,or different things or doing less exercise…? I discovered that I was eating a lot more pasta due to other restrictions , and that was slowly piling on the pounds although I eat really healthy and try to be careful…would it be worth looking at that in case there is something you can do there rather than change meds, if in fact they are helping the dizziness.
Just a thought,

Good luck,


I’ve been on Nortri for 2 years also and I’m up to 50mgs. I’ve had little weight gain, probably because I’m so nauseous much of the time. I have nearly daily migraines. Lucky if I get two days free a week. So I don’t see how this med is helping me. The only one that I know has helped me is Phenergan. Chrystallized ginger helps too. I wonder what is this medicine supposed to do, because if it’s to prevent migraines, then for me it’s not working.