Med efficacy after 1 year?!?!?!

Hi everyone!!!

Well, I went to my headache doc, because even though my current meds are working, I was still bothered by regular symptoms. I guess it is possible for the meds to lose their ability after a year or so, so I asked if I could raise my verapamil. I had to have an EKG in order for it to be raised, and since all was fine, we went up 120 mg on the ER. I started that 1 week ago…so we will see if this helps me!!!


Hey Pam,
Good to hear from you again, but sorry some of your symptoms have come back. Can you tell us more about this? Which ones? How much total verapamil are you taking? From my recollection, you were on a few meds, and I was wondering why you chose verapamil to increase instead of the other meds?
I suppose with any med the efficacy at a certain dose could wear off for some people. I hope you find relief and get back to feeling your best again soon!

Thanks Lisa!!!

Yes, we bumped up the Verapamil, because The Effexor at 75 mg, apparently isn’t migraine beneficial above that dose, and the Nortriptyline above the 75 mg you have to be careful of…I think heart stuff…I really can’t remember!!! :mrgreen: ef I read in the Heal Your headache book that you can safely go up to 480 mg 2x a day with the Verapamil, so I figured I still had some wiggle room.

I really try to avoid triggers, but mine are all the “living life” ones…ie, barometric pressure, crowds, flourescent lighting, stress; I am sure some foods, although this has really been hard for me to figure out as I pretty much have daily symptoms. Anyway, bright lights, loud noise, stress etc… so I modify the best I can, but with 4 kids, 2 dogs…life keeps me pretty busy…Anyway, I am hoping this nudge up will do the trick!!!


HI Pam,
Hopefully that will do the trick! Sounds like you have a really full life and I hope this extra dose gets you comfortable again. Certainly worth a try. Verapamil is definitely a drug you can push pretty high with certain people. I know my neuro uses 720 mg on some of his MAV patients. Were you 100% prior to feeling your symptoms increase?
Good luck,

I personally have not heard of too many meds failing after just a year. Is this really the case with you or is it that the med just didn’t lick the symptoms from the start? I’d be very shocked if the med pooped out on the one year mark exactly or just before.


I don’t know about verapamil but I do know it can happen with nortriptyline and it happened about every 3 months for me. I started at 20 mg & after about 3 months, my symptoms started returning in force. Then at 30 mg. I had relief again for another 3 months. It continued this way until I had to stop the med because of side effects. My body was definitely building up a tolerance to it over time. I think this can happen with antidepressants. Not sure about other types of drugs. Good luck with the increased dose!