Med question - worse before better?

As I recently began taking Topamax 50 mg and nortriptyline 10 mg, I didn’t seem to have much in the way of side effects. (I did have trouble sleeping on some nights – it was hard to shake the rocking feeling, even lying down – but I suspect it was the fact I lowered the Xanax a little.)

Anyway, I was told to increase the nortrip. by 10 mg every two weeks. So I had the first 20-mg dose last night. I seem to feel marginally to moderately more dizzy today.

So, a question, to those who’ve improved on any medicine (or know of someone who has) – has it happened that a medicine … that eventually DID work for you … initially made you feel worse (and later started to work)?

Any input is appreciated.

Hi George,

I think a lot of people had the experience of getting worse before getting better - certainly on Topomax if I recall. I’m sure others will jump in with some advice :slight_smile:

hand in there!

Thanks. Yeah, I hope this will pass. Seems there are a number of nortrip/amitrip. success stories, and a lot of “horrible after X mg” stories too. Today’s been really tough; 10 mg was easy to get on. I know with Effexor, another antidepressant, I was among the countless “horrible” stories, but I’m determined to stick out the nortrip. trial to the full 50 mg. That’s where a friend of mine finally got better. With how I feel, I can’t sort out what’s the MAV, what’s the lowered Xanax and what’s the nortrip. It’s awful confusing.

I should just leave the thread here alone, though, so others can comment if they want to, re: my initial question.

Hi George,

My advice would be to try and not focus on changes in a short space of time - eg each day. As you say you have a lot of med variables going on so it will be tricky to try and figure out which, if any of them are making you feel better or worse day to day. This is (unfortunately) a ‘long haul’ exercise.

Hang in there.


Hi George,
Is Dr. Hain the one that put you onto NOrt as well as the topamax?
I would say to give it time, and if the 20 is hard to deal with, maybe try 15. Lucille on the board has been trialing NOrt the same way…hard time at 20, but then she’s worked up to it and it’s gotten better.
I had a worse feeling on Cymbalta at first, but then it got better.
I know Rich took a full 4 months before topamax made him feel better
So you know the drill…these meds are tricky, but think how great it will be once you get to that sweet spot.
Best to you,