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Medical ID

Anybody here wear a medical id? I have a couple of types. I feel sort of melodramatic wearing it but brainstem aura can make me look drunk, stroked out or otherwise incapacitated, incoherent and noticeably wobbly. Medicated it’s not been a real big problem for several months, but I still get a bit nervous when I’m driving long distance, which is frequently.

So, maybe this is just a poll, but am I on my own on this? Got yourself an id?



I have a business card in my wallet. ( I know not exactly what you are asking. In case i pass out there is also my drivers license so the ambulance can know where to send the Cheque :P)

I used to be part of a run group so there is a shoe tag on my running shoe with my name and number of my wife.

Short answer no medical ID…yet


You’re so awesome! :sweat_smile:

Yes I have a medical ID necklace because I have multiple diseases, allergies and medications!

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Jolly good thinking there. Nothing like bit of pre-planning. I’ve been thinking for some time because I take rather alot Propranolol I ought to carry something. Just in case I ended up unconscious in hospital and maybe got injected with something that didn’t mix, or in case they took my slow pulse as an indication of something more sinister. Helen


I don’t have a medical ID bracelet but my phone has a health emergency section that can be accessed even if the phone is locked. I stated I have MAV in there in case I was alone and had vertigo.

I have the same - plus emergency contact and meds. My bracelet says see the phone.

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That’s probably a good idea!!!

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It’s a free app for the phone. It sits on the main screen.

What is that app called?

It’s actually called Medical ID.


Does what it says on the tin then, eh. That’s what I like straight talking that avoids confusion. Helen