Medical Mystery

I’m posting this story not because of the illness itself, but because the story really illustrates how frustrating it is to see multiple doctors, of many different specialties, who all tend to think within their narrow specialty focus. This is why we all have to do our own research and try to assemble all of the pieces of the puzzle.

For three years her skin ulcers and pain would flare, then vanish, stumping doctors. Her daughter, a nurse, finally figured it out.


Medical Mysteries are so frustrating but something like this is reassuring to MAVers really because it’s good to realise we aren’t the only ones who go undiagnosed out here for years so it’s not some sort if vendetta, just bad luck. Much like reading one prevention only helps 50% of those that try it or finding as I did the other day a thread of people having troublesome side effects trying to take Effexor for anxiety/depression not MAV. Unfortunate for them but reassuring for us MAVers that we aren’t as peculiar or way out from main stream as at first thought. Helen

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