Medical Savings Assn plan

Anybody heard of something like that? The woman on the phone said it’s a group - “Medical Savings Association Plan with Health Insurance Benefits.” From what I understand you pay a monthly fee & they provide discounts & reimbursements on medical & dental & vision. 40% off doctor visits, up to 70% off diagnostics, surgery or hospitalization.

I hope nobody comes back with a “Stay away it’s a scam!” message because I just signed up. My dtr Em was just diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. We knew she had a 50/50 chance of having it (inherited) but were kinda hoping it wouldn’t show up until she was grown & employed somewhere with group insurance. My health ins. doesn’t cover her & husb is on disability (because of kidney failure/transplant).

They use “Beech Street Network” of providers (Em’s nephrologist & hospital are both on it but our family doc isn’t). I searched BBB site for any complaints & couldn’t find them listed.

Any thoughts?

i have never heard of them. i’ve always had coverage. But i know plenty of people who don’t have coverage, so keep us/me posted on how this works out.

Joy, i’m sorry about your husband and your daughter. Rough road, huh?

God bless,


It’s been … interesting :wink:

and YOU with MAV :shock:

Who’s taking care of whom :?:

My cats take care of me :slight_smile:

Well … I just found a couple listings/complaints on the BBB site about this company I signed with. Also heard from another insurance broker who said the ‘premium’ they were charging me was way too high. I panicked and called my credit card company to cancel the number. At least they won’t get anymore out of me. On the other hand they have my SSN … I can’t believe I did this. I can’t believe I gave out my SSN so easily … so trustingly.

Isn’t there a law that says I have three days to cancel for any reason on stuff like this?

I think you’re right, i remember that three day thing about canceling for no reason. I hope the first premium wasn’t outrageous.

Hey, you do desparate things in desparate times (no offense)

It’s funny how, after researching, then signing on, the information suddenly slaps you in the face. On the other hand, thank God is came so soon, could have been worse, right. Could have happened after you really needed them to take care of you and found that they had closed up shop.

Such is fate.


Well, I’m out $135 application fee but they did refund the premium ($189.50). My stupidity cost us $135 that we couldn’t really afford. Oh well. Live and LEARN.

I’ve been in touch with an insurance broker to see what else we can do about Em & health insurance. Looks like we’ll have a pretty high deductible but husb feels like that’s better than nothing at all if we get hit with an extended hospital stay. Best Case = Em doesn’t have anymore problems with this until she’s grown & employed & covered under a group plan. (I don’t wanna think about the Worse Case right now.)

Thanks for listening.


You did what you thought was best. Rotten bastards prey on desparate people. They’ll get theirs in the end.

How old is Em?

Best to you and yours.


Emily is 13.
Now I’m looking at a hospitalization plan with AIM health services. The woman says it’s insurance - not a health savings plan. High deductible & some basic coverage … better than nothing. I’m going to have husb look into it before anything else is done. (Then if it doesn’t work out at least it can be partly his fault :slight_smile: )

KNOW you’re thinking!! :mrgreen: