Medication advice please

I have a consultation coming up with my neuro- otologist and wondered if any one could give me suggestions about any changes to make to my medication. She tends to let me decide what I want to take. So far I have tried amitriptyline and propranolol with no success at all. I am currently on pizotifen 2.5 mg which seems to have taken the edge off it a bit, particularly the rocking / bouncing sensations, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I have had a few days in the holidays at 75-90 percent but usually below 50 I’d say.

Does anyone know if it is wise to increase the piz further or have a suggestion of something to take alongside?

I have high pressure behind the eyes so I know that rules some out. I would also steer clear of anything which invokes depression/ suicidal tendencies for obvious reasons!

Any advice gratefully appreciated, thanks.

how about Nortriptyline?

Isn’t that almost the same as amytriptyline (which did nothing)?

Yeah but just because ami didnt work doesnt mean Nort wont.

that is an interesting question and one that I wonder about myself-I have tried Nori but I wonder if Ami could work differently? I have to ask my dr. about that.

why not try one of the seizure meds like topamax or gabapentin or lyrica?

what dose of ami did you get up to and how long did you give it?

30 mg for 5 months. Waste of time.

30 is a low dose. Maybe try nort. I read somewhere that you need to try and get between 50-80 mg