Medication making you Dizzier?

I know this question has probably been asked and answered before, but I was going through the archives and some people said their doctor said it was a GOOD thing if they were dizzier when they first start a new med, because that meant it was hitting the right neurotransmitters, but then some Doc’s said the opposite! I am currently on my second week of Celexa at 10 mg bumped up from 5mg(which I did not feel dizzier on) and I am feeling much dizzier in the morning now:(

When I tried Effexor, I started getting worse and i called Dr. Hain and asked him, should I feel worse before getting better? He said, No…just better…told me to drop back down on the medicine, but it didn’t matter…it just wasn’t working for me. I guess if I’d have stayed on it for weeks and weeks, it might have eventually done something, but other meds didn’t do that before I noticed improvement…
I did feel a little worse for a few days on Remeron and Cymbalta, but just slightly, and there were other things that started improving right away…mood/sleep.


That’s interesting Kelley, because I was told you can feel worse the first few weeks, and I definitely did. And if you read message boards for depression and antidepressants, many people will say the same thing.

Joli I had my worst dizzy day one week after I bumped up to 20mg of Celexa. I had been on it for 4 weeks at that point. It didn’t last for more than a few days and I stuck it out and it ended up really helped with the dizziness. I think I said before that it was a good 6-8 weeks before the dizziness was at about 80% improved and the anxiety had completely stopped.

Not saying this is the case for everyone, but just a couple weeks may not be enough time. Everything I’ve read and been told is that you need to allow at least 4 weeks for these drugs to get in your system and work.

Have you asked your doctor about it? Hang in there, I know it’s hard!

With out a doubt every med I’ve tried has made my symptoms worse. Sometimes in a day…sometimes after a few weeks.

But does it get better if you stick it out???

It definitely did for me Joli. I really think you need to give these meds a good 4-5 weeks before you know if they are going to work. If it doesn’t start to show some kind of improvement it may not be the drug for you.

I was told the minimum therapeutic dose for Celexa was 20 mg, but of course that is for a diagnosis of depression/anxiety. That was the dose that did the trick for me, although I did bump up to 30 mg and it didn’t really seem to make that much of a difference.

How are you feeling today? Do you have a benzo you can use to help get through the ramp-up on the Celexa? I’m finding that is very helpful with the Prozac right now.

no it got worse. In the case of one drug I passed out.

Anne, I felt a little better today but I toke my pill abut n hour ago and I can already feel myself getting dizzier, but hopefully my body will adjust and the extra dizziness will subside. Thanks for your advice!