Medication question?

Hi Everyone,
I have been taking Amitriptyline for a few months now. After taking a dose I find some relief from headaches which I was getting daily for two weeks. After two weeks are up, the headaches return & I have to up the dose to find relief again. Then two weeks later, same thing, up the dose to find relief. Is it a matter of finding a dose that stops the headaches & then stay at that dose? Or is it a matter of getting to a therapeutic dose I have heard others talk about?

The therapeutic dose that everyone talks of is different for the individual, so finding a dose that stops the headaches is your therapeutic dose. But yes once you find the perfect dose that stops the headache cycle a.k.a your therapeutic dose you should stay on it. My neuro said once you’ve been symptom free for at least 6 months, then you can consider coming off the med.

Hi Kristal,
Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it. I can get to a level where the headaches stop but other symptoms like dizziness & vibration in my head etc. So im not sure if I’m at the right dose or if the med should be treating most of my symptoms?
Thanks, Brookie x

I see you’re on 25mg of ami, that’s a relatively low dose, you have plenty of room to increase your dose (maximum 150mg) to see if ami can eliminate all your symptoms. It definitely has the potential to. It sounds very promising if its stopped the headaches that it will stop your dizziness and head vibrations at a higher dose. Keep on increasing slowly to find the magic number that stops every symptom. If you reach a point and think that the ami isn’t doing much more than treating the headaches, you can always add in another med as well as taking the ami? But give increasing the ami a go. Best of wishes let us know how you go. Good luck. xo

But get the aokay from your doctor first Brookie. Your profile signature sounds similar to me, getting the chronic daily headaches after doing VRT for a few months. Good luck again.

Hi Krystal,
It’s so nice to chat to people who have similar symptoms. It’s not nice that we are going through this, but it is such a relief to feel you are not alone, so thanks for that :smiley:

Thank you for your advice regarding the Ami. I agree that I had room to move up on the Ami to a higher dose, trouble is I was getting really bad eye symptoms. My **eyes started to bounce 24/7 and now I can’t focus on anything! All the time! It’s scary. I called my doctor and she said to slowly come off it and start on Topamax. She had asked me to start on Topamax awhile ago but I wasn’t sure. I’ve now stopped the Ami and started the Topamax.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the eye stuff it due to the Ami??? of migraine or the VN?? It started when I started the Ami so it’s hard for me to doubt it was not the med? I don’t know if it will go away, I’m hoping someone else has had an experience like this and can advise me…
Brookie x**

You’re so very welcome :smiley:

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My eyes started to bounce 24/7 and now I can’t focus on anything! All the time!

What a bummer, it’s so frustrating and cruel that something starts to help but then causes you more grief. I only got to 25mg of ami too because it was giving me heart palpitations. At the very start I had the sensation that my eyes were bouncing, flicking and I couldn’t focus on anything, I’d look at something and it would feel like my eyes would cross and I’d have to concentrate to refocus, but this symptom stopped after being on sandomigran. Has the bouncing eyes stopped since stopping the ami?

Have you had you’re eyes checked out just in case? There’s a few threads on here where people’s vertigo and headaches were caused by an eye issue and had to wear special prism glasses. It’s an easy check up and gives you the peace of mind.

You’re eye symptom may be what is called a break through symptom or yes a side effect of the ami. When I developed the chronic headache 4 months in, that’s what a vrt physio labelled mine as (breakthrough symptom), they recommended that I increase the dose of sandomigran I was on, because the medication barrier was currently not strong enough to hold back the symptoms. But I had already gone down because I thought the sandomigran might be causing it. It wasn’t because it remained after I stopped.

Good luck with the Topamax. Persevere with it, from what I have read on here, a lot of people struggle at the beginning but are glad they stuck with it. That’s interesting that your doctor started you on Topa without first trying a first line med i.e sandomigran. Or because the ami had stopped your headaches, tried another tricyclic i.e dothep or nortriptyline. But I guess who cares what med we take just as long as it works. I’d take anything if I knew it was going to work.

Good luck Brookie with the Topa, you won’t be short of support from fellow Topa users on here.

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