I am starting a prescription of Keppra. I am totally a medication freak. My doctor had given me a schedule to up the medication. On the schedule he put the I could break a 250mg pill in half to start. Of course that still seems scary to me. I called the pharmacy this morning to ask if I could cut it in fouths. I wondered if there was any reason that would not be okay. They told me I would have to call my doctor which I did but he is not in clinic. I think if I could take a small dose, see that I am not going to fall over dead or that I can live through the side effects it would be easier to take more. Any thoughts? Thanks.

if your dr said to break in half theres no reason why you cant do 1/4. its just going to take a bit longer to get to your right dose. in fact i think its a good idea so you know what your in for and it might give confidence about taking the med.

Hiā€¦just spoke to a different pharmacy. They said exactly what you did. Cutting it down low enough that I can take it and maybe get some confidence going. I know he wants me at 1000mg. Baby steps!