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Medications help needed

Hi everybody! Im new here and today my neurologist finally confirmed that I have VM,(after i told her that ive done my own reseaech) lol. So she put me on Amitryptilne 10mg for now and i also bought all these vitamins. Can you please help me how do i take them? In the morning ? Evening ? Cause i have no idea. Thank you!!

Hi Bjonda,

Amitriptyline 10mg is great starting dose, that’s what I started at too. Normally that is taken at night as it can make you a bit sleepy, but after a couple months it probably doesn’t matter when you take it (maybe others here have a different opinion on it).

I would recommend taking the supplements in the morning with breakfast or with meals in general. What supplements /vitamins are you taking?

Hope you get to feeling better soon,



I was told to take Amitriptyline exactly 12 hours before I needed to get up the next day.

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Hello Bjonda, and welcome to the group.
If you have not been given instructions on how to take the supplements, I would take the first 3 from the left in the morning with a meal, and the Magnesium in the evening/before bed, as it can help to relax you and promote better sleep. As the Neuro-mag also contains magnesium, check the amounts - I have seen some people complain of Magnesium causing tummy upsets - although I have taken twice a day with no problem. Maybe do a little research for your own information, and perhaps start taking the supplements adding a new one every couple of days, so that if you do have any reactions, you can tell which one is the culprit. Can’t help with the prescription drug at all. Good luck!