Medicine names - spelling

Hi All,

This is slightly pedantic I know but if everyone could make an extra effort to spell the names of their medicines or medicines enquiries correctly on the forum it would be great.

The reason for this is for helping people when searching this site. It’s a bit like making sure everything is indexed correctly. Unfortunately the search engine in this forum software isn’t smart like Google and will miss Topamax for example when spelled “Topomax”. I’d hate for a newbie to miss a critical post through a search because of a medicine spelling error. I usually go through a few threads weekly to fix this up but maybe we can all make it a little better if possible. And for those who are simply too ill to be worrying about this at the moment, I’ll continue to fix it from my end. :slight_smile:

The common errors are for:

Topamax (not Topomax)
Xanax (not Xanex)
propranolol (Not propanolol)

Thanks gang. :smiley:

This forum is incredible. Hats off to you Scott for the effort you have put into this and continue to do so

Ditto. Scott does great work, and he often doesn’t feel well himself. We probably make a bunch of errors when our migraine brains aren’t the sharpest, and he fixes that stuff for us; PLUS he puts in so many other hours of work on this site keeping it up as well as researching the latest info for us. We are VERY grateful, Scott!!

What they said.

What they said.

Hmmm. . . Scott, I guess this means that, for search engine purposes, I should avoid using shorthand such as “nori”, hein?

Thanks guys! :smiley:

David, no I think ami and nori are ok because those threads generally have the full spelling in either the body of the text somewhere or in the title. It’s too hard to spell those out in full all the time.

S 8)

Will try my best Scott