Medicine or help for kids with MAV

So for about 3 years now, my son has had episodes of dizziness. We’ve been to several different specialists, had blood tests, MRI scans and everything you can think of and the only thing that they tell us is that he will grow out of it or it could be that he gets migraines that cause dizziness and not pain like myself and my daughter get. My 12 year old daughter has had migraines since she was 6 years old; she would get them so bad that she would vomit. Anyway, I have not had a migraine in a long time and my daughters have gradually tapered off; the doctor had only given her Aleve to help with these headaches and it seems to help her.

My concern now is my son; is there any medication that he can take besides the meclizine and tylenol? which he says doesn’t seem to help. I feel so bad for him, especially since today and yesterday he’s been to the nurse and his teacher told him to ‘suck it up’. I was furious and talked to the teacher today, and told him that these episodes are very real and very scary for him and for him to say something like that is just uncalled for. Anyway, the school knows now (it’s a new school and I forgot to give them his medicine… so i guess it is somewhat my fault for not informing the school to begin with.

Any advice would be helpful, I wish I could get him something that is going to work.

I was at a health seminar last year and a young girl around 12 had been suffering debilitating headaches for a year…the doctor there put her on Nortryptaline. At 75mg (which is high…they usually start at 10mg). I am not sure about it for children, but a call to your local pharmacist should be able to answer it.
Hope that helps…