Meditation and MAV

Just wondered if anyone practises meditation and if it helps.

I know stress doesn’t ‘cause’ MAV but it sure exacerbates it and I’ve tried over the years various forms of ‘relaxation’ e.g yoga, guided meditation. I’m just learning a bit about ‘mindfulness’ and ‘mindful meditation’. I’ve tried listening to a few 20 min sessions I downloaded.

Can anyone recommend a good CD/DVD?


Hi DI,

I did this course last year called “Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction”. It was great and focused on different types of meditation. I’ve been slack with it all lately but did a 15 min meditation at work this past week to calm down. For me understanding how our minds work and set off the panic button is critical in keeping this junk under control – particulalry if there is a major anxiety problem with it (like I have).

Have a read of this thread:

Best … Scott :slight_smile: