Meds that worked for your dizziness

Hi there,
Hoping to get some replies. I’m a 6+ year Meniere’s sufferer, who is now dealing with vestibular migraine. I’ve experienced horrific rotational vertigo with my Meniere’s, until I had a Vestibular Nerve Section surgery 8 weeks ago. However, now I’m suffering with vestibular migraine daily, something I rarely had before surgery. My biggest issue right now is dizziness. I’ve never experienced dizziness/wooziness like this, only severe spinning vertigo. So far, walking goes ok, but when I sit still or lay down, I feel like I’m swaying. I feel very off and woozy. It’s almost like a drunk or hungover feeling. This sensation is very disconcerting.

I’ve been recommended Verapamil, which I plan to discuss with my specialist when he returns from a trip this week. Alas, was wondering if anyone on here found success with a particular medicine for dizziness? I can live with the head pain/pressure, but I hate feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach.

Any replies on meds that have had a positive effect on reducing your daily dizziness would be greatly appreciated.