I know that not every drug works for every MAV sufferer but I’d like to see if there is some kind of pattern with any certain medication. I wanted to see what meds work at what mg for everyone. I’ll start.

Elisha- Verapamil 360 mg, Valium 5 mg, Cymbalta 30 mg. I’m at about 70% better.

Mine has remained the same for quite some time:

About 2 mg of Paxil daily, Valium as required which amounts to about 2.5 mg at a time, maybe 2-3 times a week when I feel crappy at work on the computer or wake in the night at 4 AM with my heart in my throat for no reason.

Leading a migraine lifestyle is CRITICAL otherwise the above would amount to nothing.

S 8)

I’m sorry I don’t have much to contribute to this thread as I just started the med route, currently on 60 mg verapamil. I’m just curious if you’ve had any noticable side effects from 360 mg of the verapamil?

HI…after trialling four different meds (neurontin, nori, lexapro and topamax) with bad side effects I am now on metotoprol 50mg am 50 mg pm, hyzaar 50/12.5, B complex, B2, magnesium,CoQ10 and xanax .25 (when dizzy gets really out of control) and would say I am functioning at about 75%. Which compared to 3 months ago isn’t too bad.

But like Scott said I need to also follow the migraine diet and lifestyle. If I don’t then I’m barely at 50%. Sad.


Pregabalin, 400mg and occasional clonazepam, 0.25mg. Migraine diet (strict). 95% most days except during period when can drop to 60%.


I have to be honest, I followed migraine diet in the beginning for about 4-5 months. Slowly I added in different foods. I haven’t noticed any food associated problems since reintroducing just about everything. The 2 things I do avoid are caffeine and aspartame. I went back to work in July (was out for 12 wks), slowly regained my confidence and have been functioning very well. I have had some not so great days, but I just push through and deal with it. I try not to talk about it around coworkers because they dont understand. Although, I have no pity on anyone telling me they feel dizzy (with allergies or sinus issues)!!! I am thankful to be up and about. I still take nadolol 40mg and ami 25 mg daily. I have never had to use the clonazepam yet. (Have a bottle sitting around in case). I know I am not ridden of MAV, but as long as I can do the things I want, then I can deal with it. (still scared to try amusement rides)
Best of luck!

75 mG nortriptaline daily, carefully if not religiously following the migraine diet–except, hey, guys, I was told garlic was okay and since getting a dx of prostate Ca (just a spot) I’ve been “mainlining” garlic, usually about 5-6 cloves a day. Expect to start experimenting with varying the diet soon, I mean beyond having a teaspoonful of my sweetie’s beer or a half-teaspoonful of her choc cake when we go out. In fairly good shape migraine-wise most days, . . . but I also swim a few miles a week, which should help me stay functional.

I’m pretty bad with the migraine diet–I really should try it more and I bet I’d have less fluctuating in my days. I do try to stick to a regular sleep schedule though, and eating at regular times throughout the day.

I’m on 100 mg Topamax and 7 mg Lexapro but will be bumping up to 10 mg tonight. My doctor wanted me at 10 m but I was trying to see if I could stay at the lowest dose possible to get relief but have found I do need more than 5-7 mg so will go up to the 10 mg as prescribed. Most days I’m 90-100% but can be 60-70% during my period.

To PharmGirl-
I started at 120 mgs of verapamil for about a week, then went up to 240 for about 3 months. It took me a while to get on 360 but my BP is fine, I just have a problem with constipation. I’m a firm believer in going slow and being patient. I also walk every day.

I’m new here and have had this since June 2010. I have been separately on the following: Serc, Stemetil, Immigran, Sandomigran, Periactin, Endep (Amitryptiline), Anpec (Verapamil?) and even Cartia (low dose aspirin for heart patients). The side effects I experienced ranged from extreme fatigue even after 9 hours’ sleep which tipped off the head-in-a-goldfish-bowl crosseyed feeling followed by vertigo (immigran, Sandomigran, Periactin, Endep), to severe impact on my already low blood pressure (Anpec), and heart and circulation issues with extreme disorientation (Periactin).

I became a meds refusnik in March this year and finally saw a different specialist in September, plus a vestibular rehab therapist last Friday. Physio exercises will apparently not help me. I have counselling as well. I’m so glad the GP understands that I have a condition, as we’ve gone through this together searching for answers, and has not put it down to some mental disorder (which seems to be developing quite nicely at times, thank you!) However, I’ve yet to convince some others of this.

This may or may not have started with a viral issue which lasted 3-4 months. Then anxiety kicked in just to compound the mix. And i had just begun to think perhaps i’m far more anxious and out-of-control stressed than i could possibly have realised to be hurting my own health so much… until i found this forum today. Ok, I’ll bring coffee back to just one a day, as i just upped it for no reason (boredom? tiredness?) and i understand that by hook or by crook i need to bid farewell to a 24-yr smoking habit.

To be honest i’m not certain i gave Stemetil a good go. Is it for symptomatic relief?

I see alot of people here are on anti-depresants & anti-anxiety meds. does this help the migraines themselves?..or the stress that the MAV attacks can cause?

I am currently taking restoril at night to sleep & the occasional Xanex. In the past Ive tried Relpax, Fiorinol, Tramadol, & Torodol. I am thinking of trying zomig or imitrex…i just dont know whats next 4 me.


@amaretto In my case I can say that the Endep would have been prescribed in far higher and more frequent doses for depression. I took a 10mg which I cut in half with a pill cutter only once a day. When i took the full one i suffered side effects quite badly. The literature and verbal explanation I was given were that in very low doses this is a drug used for neurological issues, including pain management and migraine on a physical rather than psychological level.