Meeting Wednesday 12th December LONDON

Hello all,

Just re-posting about our meeting this Wednesday in London in case anyone else wants to join us?? Also wanted to double check everyone is still keen. 7pm All Bar One at Waterloo.

Looking 4ward to it but wish it was for a nicer reason!! :smiley:

I’ll be there :slight_smile: I may be slightly earlier than 7 as flight is due to land at 530 at city airport, so if anyone is slightly early also, see you there

So great that you guys will be meeting. I wish I could be there.

Do you have any sort of agenda planned or is this one more a meet and greet and just tell your stories etc?

Maybe in future groups you could have a theme or some sort of paper to discuss? Anyway, whatever you do, let me know if you need any information or papers for you discussion.

Hi Scott,

No agenda that I am aware of, although I am sure there will be some sharing of Story’s and experiences. You can be there if you jump on a flight now :slight_smile:

whose doing the minutes? :lol:

— Begin quote from “robertgreen99”

whose doing the minutes? :lol:

— End quote


I’ll be there…

Currently feeling rough as hell, but that will teach me to go on a Christmas drinking bender, including not eating, 2 hours worth of sleep, and however much champagne I could force down my neck, combined with time of the month and other stresses :roll: Sometimes you just have to live your life.

No agenda/papers to discuss… Oh no- are we supposed to being studious? Robert was going to come dressed as Santa isn’t he?! :lol: From my point of view, it will just be nice to meet other people who know and understand the same thing I have been and go through and listen to them.

Also I’m bringing my camera to snap you all, so make sure you’ve done your hair nicely. :lol:

i finish work at 5 so if anyone wants to meet slightly earlier then let me know

how we going to find each other in All Bar One if we dont know what we look like :lol:

Sorry to miss you all tomorrow - have a large shot for me!

How are we all going to find each other??

Well my flatmate suggested I phone up and reserve a space for the Dizzie Rascals… :roll:

But I propose a 3 step failproof plan;

  1. Swap phone numbers! And text whereabouts you are. I’ll PM mine.
  2. Identify clothing! I’ll be wearing a big long leopard print scarf with a bright orange trim. And a green coat with a furry cream trim.
  3. Identify face in advance! Here’s my mug:

i’ll be wearing my santa’s outfit!! :lol:

i’ll be coming straight from work so i will be in my suit. I will have a dark blue parker jacket because its freeeezing!! i will leave my leopard print scarf at home!

So basically you’ll look like 95% of the other men in there! :roll:

Can’t you wear a flower in you hair or something?!

ok a flower in the hair it is!!

its supposed to snow tomorrow. You will notice us because we will be ones on our backsides!! dizzy people in the snow will be carnage!!


I’ll be the guy lugging a huge ski bag about with a laptop bag on my back.

I have typically just started suffering with tooth ache today so have been sulking a bit ( as guys typically do when in pain ) but I will soldier on and be there none the less ! :slight_smile:

I’ll pm my number to you all also, do you use whatsapp?

Genuinely looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

I’ll be wearing a purple scarf. Richy, I’ll be there from 5.30ish onwards so drop me a text on whatsapp.


Hi all. Really looking 4ward to it too. Not sure what I’ll be wearing but I’ll call miss moss once I arrive. Xx

Hoping I can make it guys. Flights are looking a little doubtful but will keep you updated

How was the meeting gang?

Hi Scott,

It was really good. 5 of us were there. We had a good few hours of general chats and discussed our conditions and compared treatments. V v interesting. We will def organise to meet again in January so more people can join us. X

It was bloody brilliant to meet up with other people with the same f*cked up brain as me and see that they look normal and are normal too! So often I look at people walking down the street and think “You have no idea how lucky you are to be normal”… When I guess, actually they could be suffering just the same as us, you never know.

We did a lot of “I get this… Do you get that?” … "I’ve had this symptom for this long, how long have you had it?"which I found really helpful to know that it’s not just me who reacts in weird ways to somethings. But it was also interesting to note that we do all also vary quite a lot in terms of what effects one person might not effect another, and in terms of one person experiencing one particular symptom and another having never had it.

We also spoke about the diet quite a bit and about Dr S (We are all patients of his).

In conclusion, I’d really love to meet up with you all again soon and any one else who couldn’t make it last night. Next time I imagine there will be less of the initial swapping of histories and symptoms, (except for anyone new who comes along) and more of a catch up of how everyone’s been doing which will be great in terms of having other people who really understand the condition to talk to really face to face. Of course, this forum is fantastic, but it is lovely to sit down and have a couple of glasses of water/wine (ooh look at that, maybe Jesus was in All Bar One last night doing his best magic trick?!) with fellow MAVers.

Thanks for a great evening guys. When’s everyone free for the next one?

Having said that, I am a short journey from Waterloo so if anyone ever fancies meeting up because they feel they are going dizzie mad or would just appreciate a dizzie ear to bend, gimmie a shout :slight_smile:

Lastly, here is the compulsory photo I took… Much to Rob’s dismay, perhaps why he hid behind my head!