Just read Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz, great read, wish all doctors were as insightful as he is when it comes to migraine! Thought it was interesting that he thinks ‘Meniere’s disease’ is actually VM. Any thoughts on this?

I have not read the book you are referring to so I don’t really know the specifics of it, but my own personal opinion is that I doubt that Meiniere’s disease is the same as VM. Meiniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that usually involves hearing loss and is very rare. VM does not involve hearing loss, shouldn’t really have anything to do with the inner ear (though migraine sufferers do sometimes have titinnitus as a symptom), and if you believe current research is FAR more common.

Of course I’m no doctor so what do I know? But I don’t see a direct connection between the two conditions. That being said I DO believe that people with VM may have been incorrectly diagnosed with Meiniere’s in the past before VM was really known about. It used to be that anytime you went to a doc with vestibular problems then assumed you had an inner ear problem.

There is a nice thread on this in the Meiniere’s section of the forum:


Please see page 170 in the Vestibular Migraine Diagnostic Criteria.

3.6. Overlap with Meniere’s disease

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Hi just wanted to make a comment on this as I have Menieres in one ear and also VM. For me there is a distinct difference between the two. When I have a menieres episode I get a massive increase in tinnitus in the affected ear and a sudden increase in pressure which then results in very violent vertigo and sickness, my hearing also goes down as well. When I have a VM vertigo I find that the vertigo is nowhere near is violent and I get typical weird VM symptoms as well with no pressure in my ear or increased tinnitus or hearing loss. Apparently the two are commonly linked and many people with menieres also migraine as well (according to my neuro-otologist).