Menopause Women

Could some of you or any of you that are of that age, please explain to me what happens or has happened to you during hot flash, night sweats? I am having something that keeps happening at night but I am not sure that is what I am dealing with…or do the MAV symptoms make our bodies react differently.

I get very hot and have what I call a “surge” that goes through my whole body…and it continues sometimes for hours…and last night I got very scared as i felt like I was going to pass out. this has been going on …off and on now for months …it happens mostly at night but sometimes it happens during the late afternoon.

Could it be something else? I really can not handle much else right now. I know my body and know that something is not right.

I’ve experienced hot flashes and night sweats for the past 3 years. At night I wake up drenched in sweat and feeling like I’m burning up. During the day they usually occur after hot food or drink. In both cases they are relieved by me taking off layers of clothing, drinking water and getting somewhere cool. As I have MAV, CFS/fibrmyalgia and am in perimenopause, its difficult to know which condition is the cause or if all of them are the same condition manifesting in different ways. I just hope it all settles down in the next few years when the hormones balance out. I know HRT or biodentical hormones can help some people but I’m trying to avoid these if I can.
I hope you get some relief soon.

My husband thinks that I might be in perimenopause as I am 45 and my period skipped a month (Dec 8, Feb8, no January 2010 but arrived Feb ,8 2010). We wre trying to have a baby as well so if I am not yet pregnant, maybe the hormones are out of whack. I too get a heat surge, ususally in my in-laws car (they keep it like an oven) or in the grocery store. The only relief I get is too take off my clothes or get outside for cold air. It has been going on since Sept 2009 when the vertigo began, but I also returned to teaching full time then.

I had a week of estrogen pills given to me by the fertility doctor we are seeing sometime in October 2009 and I remember overall having a better sense of well-being and more energy in the afternoon while I was taking them. He told me that my estrogen was a little low back then and that is why I was feeling better. But vertigo/nause was not a problem then…I just felt run down all the time.

Maybe you can try hormones to see if they can get rid of the heat surge if nothing else. I am going to my internist to have my hormone levels checked next week, too. I will take any relief I can get at this point.

I’ve been experiencing hot flashes for years now, they increased a great deal since my periods stopped 5 years ago. They start with a strong feeling of unrest, everything feels off, feels like I am going to have vertigo, then the heat comes, I get very very hot and uncomfortable, sweat some, have to turn my fan on if I am at work and blow it directly on me. They don’t last too long, probably less than 5 minutes.

Night sweats I have also. I wake up and am HOT, throw my blankets off (my bedroom is cool,in the 50’s), eventually I will cool off and pull the blankets back up. This happens nightly.

Two things especially will bring on a hot flash for me - 1) washing the dishes (maybe it’s the heat from the hot water and 2) any kind of stress/tension, even if it is good kind. For instance, at work if I am talking to someone on the phone who annoys me I will get a hot flash, or if we are all laughing at something funny I wll get a hot flash. Also, for the month I was on nortriptylene my hot flashes increased a lot.

I’ve never had my hormone levels checked but sure do wish the doctor would do that. My vertigo started about 2 years about my last period.


I have been getting hot flashes and night sweats for years. I also know when this is happening my dizziness kicks in. But anyway, when I start to get a hot flash, I feels to me like a rush, sometimes I feel as if my heart is going to pound out of my chest or stop completely, it is a very disconcerting feeling. Then my neck and face turn red and I start sweating all over. But there are times when I feel like I have an internal hot flash, I get the rush but I never get the redness. But either way it does exaccerbate the MAV. I can alway tell my hormones are a mess. I also get twinging in my right ovary when this happens. My PCP says my poor ovary is trying so hard to work but can’t. So I assume there is some kind of hormone flooding my system (Follicle stimulating hormone) that causes all this. I am 52 now and this has been happening for about 3 years although the intensity of it all has lessened.