Menstraul Cycle/Hormones- Freak out!

Afternoon everyone, 8) (That’s me with the sunglasses on today)

Boys, beware, I’m talking icky girl stuff…

I have a quick scenario that I wanted to chuck out there and see if anyone had a theory on because I’m currently freaking out…

When I first had my big bang, back on Friday April 15th 2011, the next day, I had a small period, which was odd for me because I’ve been on the Implanon contraceptive implant (in my arm, which I affectionally call Rodney, seeing as it’s a 3 inch plastic rod) since July 2010, and not had periods since November 2010. It went after a few days, but of course the vertigo remainded and I started on my MAV journey which included 4.5months off work.

When I saw Dr S the other week, I asked him if he recommended me getting it taken out of my arm, but I said I was fearful that if I did, MAV may be affected while the hormones go crazy and settle down again. He agreed and said it would prob be best to try and get me well first, and then when things were more settled, we could take it out as there would be a lesser risk of it mucking up my head.

Today, however, my period started out of nowhere. Needless to say, I am freaking out big time. Obviously somethings happening with my hormones. But I am absolutely petrified that this is heralding the start of another big bang, and that I am gonna experience the intense vertigo like that day back in April, again at any moment. I am sat here waiting for it. I am scared.
If it doesn’t hit… what is happening?! Something is affecting my hormones… and surely it’s not a good thing that things are changing?
I’ve also noticed that the monitor I’ve been getting on ok with fo the last few weeks, I’m now seeing horizontal lines across int he last few days…

Maybe I’m freaking out about nothing, but I just wondered if anyone had any theories?

P.S I just read that there is a drug reaction between Implanon and Topamax… but I can’t find what that ineraction could lead to- wether it reduces either drug from working properly or could lead to breakthrough bleeding or whatnot…Any ideas?


I’m obviously not a Dr. however, I know for certain that hormones play a huge part in MAV. I had an IUD removed last winter bc I went nuts on it and MAV occurred shortly after. Have you had your hormones checked? Dr. Buccholtz is not in favor of any kind of BC in his book.

How’d you get your hormones checked?
How did you get beter? Did it just naturally calm down?

Do others suffer more around their period and then it all calm down naturally???

Thanks x

Hormones (perimenopause) have been a huge trigger of my MAV. I get way worse just before my period and then again mid month at ovulation. Neuro said it could be like this until I’m thru menopause - yay for me. :frowning:

Hormones have also played a big part in my MAV symptoms. I seem to get a big attack one week before my period every month almost to the day. Up until this month I would generally be symptom free the other weeks. I would get your hormones tested and find out if there is anything out of balance which may be making your symptoms worse. They test them with a blood test. I was hoping mine would come back out of whack so I would have something to blame for what is happening, but they all came back normal. I think maybe our hormones are changing naturally through our life cycles and this change just exacerbates/causes the condition? I hear of this happening to a lot of people before and after menopause or childbirth. For me I am 23 so that theory is out but I consider 25 the start of another hormone cycle so who knows. There is definitely a MAV and hormone link though.

Hormonal fluctuations can definitely play a part. For me it depends on my threshold level - I can withstand hormonal fluctuations most of the time but if there’s other triggers as well (eg stress or fatigue) then yes - Big Bang!

I know that doesn’t really help you - just confirming that you’re not alone.