Migraine and Allergies


This is brilliant. It explains a lot of things I wondered from day one about the link between hayfever and my sudden dizziness symptoms. I remember one of the many ENT’s I saw at the start who couldn’t find anything wrong with me but he looked at my nose and throat and said ‘Well I can see you have hayfever’ due to the swelling. He never made the connection between histamine and migraine though. I wish doctors knew all this information, it would make diagnosis so much easier!

Victoria may be interested in this given all the references made to Mast Cells and allergy and the link with migraine.

Thanks for posting x

Thanks for posting this Muppo! :slight_smile: Very relevant to me I think. I look forward to watching it.

Muppo, I just took the time to watch this and am so glad I did. I saw an allergist on Monday and tested positive for all the environmental factors. Dr. Cooper does an excellent job explaining why allergic people are more apt to have migraine (and why migraine mocks allergic symtoms). Anyone who is allergic should hang in there and listen to what he has to say about mast cell activation (about 20 minutes into the lecture)…explains why I have costant pounding! Thank you!

Can someone give me the low down? I can’t watch the video?

I forgot to post on this thread again after I watched the webinar. Really interesting stuff for a person like me who has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I’m going to mention it to Dr Granot when I see him again this week. Thank you very much Muppo for finding it (how did you find it??) and posting.

I’ve got a really terrible flu right now and it’s ramping up everything. My light headed, derealisation and confusion symptoms are off the charts :frowning: No doubt all connected.