Migraine and epilepsy

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This might be off topic and if it is I apologise, especially for my first forum post. I just wondered if anyone knew anything about migraine and epilepsy and whether there was a link. I’m just curious - because most of the drugs that we are prescribed for migraine are also prescribed for epilepsy. I believe it’s a similar region of the brain and a similar mechanism. Can we learn from anything that’s known about epilepsy to help us? I suspect not but I thought it might be interesting to ask?
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I was treated for epilpesy for a year before I moved out of state. My new neuro’s diagnosis is migraines. The AED’s prescribed were first lamicatal (worked great with increasing doasages until I hit the max doasage and it stopped working), mirapex as an add on drug (didn’t help but much advertised side effect of compulsive gambling was quite true in my case) and keppra (I don’t know if it worked or not as it made me so angry I was in a semi-psychotic state until I got off it). I’m now on nortripyline and it has helped with the jolting headaches but not so much with the brain fog. I understand that lamictal and keppra are also used for migraines. Good luck to all.

I know that some drugs that are used for epilespy have been used for migraine in smaller doses. I think Klonopin is one as is valproic acid? I think I read something that says epilepsy and migraines are similar in some respects, but I can’t remember. If I find the article I will post it.

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Here is an article on migraine and epilepsy or (migralepilepsy)

attract.wales.nhs.uk/questio … on_id=1003


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Interesting article, and not surprising to see the links between epilepsy and migraine. I then did a google search and ended up on an epilepsy forum - where a couple of the threads were talking about migraine and diet to control it. I guess they have the same problem.
I read some of the other threads where they were describing some of the less severe types of fits, which don’t sound that dissimilar to some of the episodes of vertigo I’ve had - I remember a vertigo attack I had where it felt like a ‘whiteout’ and I didn’t know where I was for a moment afterwards. It was while I was in the more severe throes of vestibular neuronitis and I was very dizzy after, so I am very confident it was vertigo, but reading the threads showed there are a lot of similarities.
The epileptic aura before a fit lasts a very short time - maybe a few seconds, but the migraine aura could be an hour to a few minutes.

It reassured me as to why we are taking epileptic medications for our migraines!