Migraine and mdds

Another article in relation to migraine and MDDS - interesting recent study done in America -


Hi Cheryl,
Excellent and very informative paper. Thank you for posting.

Do you suffer from rocking similar to those with MDDS?


Hi Lisa,

Yes 24/7 I rock and roll. I was diagnosed with MDDS about 9 years ago, I went on the MDDS support group site recently, as I had found it difficult to cope of late, looking for people who may live in Australia.
One of the ladys got back to me with an email address for Jenny. This was about 2 weeks ago. Jenny and I were in contact by phone and I had discovered, listening to her, that I also have other symptoms very similar to hers. I had 2 episodes of silent migraine last year with visual aura, ringing in the ears, and slurred speech, not being able to speak words out that my brain was telling me. She suggested that I join this support group. So here I am.
Scott sent me an email and actually suggested that I talk with you. So intetersting enough you emailed me… So hello Lisa . …
What is your story and symptoms etc etc, its great to talk with people who understand what you are going through…and by the way, I also thought the article was extremly interesting…

Looking forward to hearing from you.