Migraine and Stroke

I just read this article and I am panicking a bit:

dailymail.co.uk/health/artic … troke.html

Sorry I don’t want to scare anyone else but does anyone know if there is anything we can do to prevent these things because it feels like if you have migraine with aura (which I do) then you are at high risk and it’s not really something you can control!

I think exercise is supposed to be a big help, pre all this dizziness I did alot of exercise, I have recently tried to up my activity levels again with some gentle jogs, i am no more dizzy for jogging, the same as walking… and one neuro also recommended that I take a daily mini asprin, but I am very unsure about that in combo with MAV drugs such as nori. Don’t panic. xxxx


I couldn’t see the real stats but double or even triple the risk is no big deal if the average risk were for example one in a thousand. We’d therefore be at two or three in a thousand. Doesn’t seem so scary then. Regardless, nothing we can do about it so no point worrying. :expressionless:

Yeah this ain’t good news… on the other hand, I might feel a teensy bit less guilty about being fat (which I’m working on!) if I ever get a stroke. I can blame my auras! (Well, the THREE auras I had, many years ago.)

I’m surprised more migraineurs aren’t being advised to take aspirin. I think my long-ago neuro suggested it but then I stopped because I was also taking ibuprofen and thought you either didn’t need or weren’t supposed to take them together, I can’t remember. But my new GP this year (when I changed insurances) wanted me to take aspirin when she heard the “stroke” theory for my sudden hearing loss, and said it worked differently from Advil. At least it’s just a little pill…

Thanks for the link, Jem!

Jem did you read in that link about magnetic bracelets for migraine. Have you tried them, or has anyone else tried them? I’m a bit of a sucker for ‘things’ that may help and would probably end up with 20 on each arm if I thought they may help :smiley:

I didn’t see that Angela. If you try them let me know how you get on. Hope your symptoms aren’t too bad at the moment x

Yeah gonna try them. Why not hey? Symptoms really bad this week, but I am angry this week with the illness so I am just pushing through the dizziness and trying to carry on the awful life I am left with. Tomorrow I have to have more caloric tests which I feel so pointless - I pass the test every time and have done for 15 years, yet every new doctor wants them done. Oh how I hate those caloric tests. How are you Jem, what sort of life are you left with?

That doesn’t sound fun Angela. I had to pay privately for my caloric test and it was normal but no doctors have wanted to do it again. Is it because your symptoms are so bad? Do you think you may try a different migraine med?

My life is quite limited by it. Can’t work, bit of a social recluse, symptoms every day however as long as I am not in the midst of a relapse I can do a fair bit even though it is uncomfortable. I can drive, go round the shops on my own, I can read, watch TV and go on computer (need regular breaks from computer though). I can tolerate having my mum or my sister come to visit me. I can go for a quiet meal with my partner or a trip to the cinema during better phases. I have not been on a proper holiday, drunk alcohol or been to any big social events for the last 4 yrs nearly!!

I hope you feel a bit better next week x

Magnetic bracelets . . .umm . . .may be useful for keeping iron filings out of food?
I’ve never ever ever seen research showing that wearing something magnetic–or copper, in case you’ve heard that suggestion–does squat for you.
There is research on the use of big honking electromagnets to stimulate organs through the skin and tissues, but trust me on this: there’s no relation between the kind of field they put out and a magnetic bracelet.

So you don’t reckon much to the magnetic bracelets then David?. Oh Jem your life sounds bit like mine. Bit crapisn’t it!. Had my caloric tests done yesterday and just as awful as I remember. I see consultant on Monday for his findings on the results. I am hoping he will now refer me to a Neuro now.

Yes Ang, it is crap! Want to make some plans for the future but don’t dare because they usually get scuppered by MAV!

Hope you get somewhere when you see the neuro x

My neuro prescribed daily aspirin. I was doing that before I started having reflux and stomach pain. My GP said that I could resume aspirin 3X/wk once my stomach pain was gone. He said 3X/wk would be sufficient. Tummy’s better but I’ve been nervous about resuming aspirin because I’m not that consistent with my stomach med (I have to take pills a half hour before meals and at bedtime, and on an empty stomach, which is a hard routine to follow). But I think I should try the aspirin again - after breakfast, on a full stomach. I don’t want a stroke, so it’s worth risking tummy trouble, if I can be REALLY good about that morning stomach pill!

Maryalice, I take daily aspirin, because there’s a history of stroke/heart disease killing my relatives. I take the 83 mG tab; that’s plenty. Is this what you tried? I also have a dicey tummy–presumably not as unhappy as yourn–but it hasn’t caused me grief yet.
When I took regular-strength aspirin for pain or inflammation, I used the enteric-coated tabs; they made a world of difference, because they don’t dissolve until they’re past the tum. Is this an option for you?

Jem I have heard this before worrying but not a lot we can do is there? :confused: how are u Jem? Don’t like to jinx things as we know we always feel worse but I am doing good on pitzotifen hence me not being on the board so much now. I do check in though where u at med wise x

Hi Donna

That’s great that the piz is really working for you. Are back to where you were before the birth now?

I have improved from where I was a few months back. I am on 35mg nori right now. I tried to go up to 40mg a few weeks ago but it made me really tired so I went back down to 30mg, however I don’t think 30-35mg nori will be enough to really get on top of the dizziness so I am trying to increase for a second time. I have a feeling I will need to add another med to the nori but the only meds I could get at the moment are the beta blockers (which I tried and didn’t like) or Topiramate as that was next on Dr Silver’s list. Part of me is keen to try Topamax because of the success stories on here with it but I have read some pretty scary stuff about dramatic weight loss, hair loss, cognitive problems etc and it really scares me. So there you have it. I am not really sure what to do… I may just try the nori on its own for a few months longer then either ask my GP for Topiramate or book another appt wth Dr Surenthiran. It’s hard isn’t it x

David, mine are 81mg and they are enteric coated. Thanks for asking!! But in recent years I’ve noticed that I get full faster so I wondered if I might digest things more slowly than most people - so maybe something that’s supposed to lose its coating past the stomach (and does in most people) may have been sitting around in MY stomach long enough to lose the coating while it’s still in there?? That may be impossible, but I can worry about all sorts of things…


Anyway, I took one today, and feel fine so far. Will try again in a couple of days.

To anyone out there who’s considering a daily aspirin (or 3X/wk) because of migraine with aura - DO NOT start this without discussing with a doctor! Aspirin is NOT for everyone, and it’s not without side effects!! Certain people have medical histories or situations that suggest the risks outweigh the benefits, and you need to get a doc’s input on this.

Excellent point, MaryAlice, people should discuss any new med, even an OTC one, with their doctor before starting.

Yes Jem so hard to know what to do med wise ur plan sounds good.I am almost back to my old baseline now Jem never thought I would be but I am x