Migraine and vertigo - two diseases with same pathogenesis?

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A new article this month. It looks like we could be getting closer to having this addressed by the IHS given the frequency with which this has appeared in the literature over the last few years. This is a nice, short and easy paper to digest for everyone. Here’s an interesting stat: migraine and vertigo may occur by chance alone in 3.2% of the population. If we look at the US alone where the population is just over 300 million, that means that there are up to 10 million people who experience MAV either sporadically or chronically (though this paper does not mention “chronic”). How this has gone on for so long without being identified properly is unbelievable. The great invisible illness I guesss.

[size=120]Abstract [/size]
Vertigo and migraine are known to be frequently associated. However, only recently, the etiological links between the two diseases are being investigated and explained. More and more interest is being attracted by migrainous vertigo, an isolated entity that might deserve inclusion in the International Classification of Headache Disorders. The authors briefly review the main links between migraine and vertigo.



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