Migraine and Zomig(Triptans) your experience

Hello Everyone,

I’m having a bad day today cause I got a migraine from nowhere. I have prescribtions for Zomig (Triptans) but couldn’t take it in time. Have anyone of you ever tried it before, and if so what was your experince with it?



Hi Emma

Sorry to hear you have a migraine today. I have complicated migraines including basilar, and I’ve been taking Maxalt Melt which is a triptan for around 9 years.

Sometimes I find it really helpful and it will brighten my vision and clear my head with just half a tablet. At other times it doesn’t seem to be so helpful, though I think they might be because when you have a migraine your absorbtion is poor and the medicine can’t get into your bloodstream even if they do melt on the tongue. I think they are great for when you get the aura warning - they don’t stop that, but if you take it immediately they can sometimes stop the headache progressing, or just shorten the episode. The down side is if I take the full dose they really knock me out, I sleep and sleep, and though that may be good for the migraine, it’s not good if the idea of taking them is so I can carry on working or whatever I’m doing.

I hope you find they help you and you feel better soon.

I read that you shouldnt take the triptans if you have basilar migraine. I was diagnosed with basilar migraine years ago, since then, different diagnosises. Although I read this, years ago, I did try it and my body felt heavy, my arms felt heavy and my throat closed up so even drinking a cup of tea felt uncomfortable. Havent touched it since.

Hi Emma,

I have taken triptans for migraine headaches. If you take them in time, they prevent or reduce head pain. They did nothing for my MAV symptoms.

I hope you feel better soon!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your input. I decided not to take the Triptans this time around, I have to just suffer through two more days with the migraine. But it’s nothing new. I’ve done it before…
I’m hoping to start Paxil tomorrow.