Migraine diet - changing toothpaste?

Hi i’m just wondering that now I’m starting a real migraine-diet, should I also look into changing toothpaste? I read somewhere that baking-soda is suggested.

Anything else I should think of like schampoo (shouldn’t matter?). Any thoughts appreciated.

  • Mikael

Hey Mikael,

I can’t imagine toothpaste would cause you to feel worse considering you’re not swallowing it but then this is migraine isn’t it and anything can be a trigger. Is your scalp sensitive? I need to use a special shampoo otherwise I get instant head fog and/or a wicked headache that goes the whole day. The one I use now has absolutely nothing in it. I think most on here are unaffected by shampoo though. Never heard of toothpaste being a problem but it has been shown to cause mouth ulcers for some because of the SLS content.


I use a toothpaste that does not have SLS in it as I started getting mouth ulcers shortly after this condition appeared. I had never had an issue with them before this started, but since the SLS can make it worse I use either Squiggle or Rembrandt brand which neither have it but the Rembrandt has saccharin so I stopped using it the Suiggle seems to work fine as I am sure baking soda would also. As far as the shampoo I am very sensitive to the smells and chemicals so I use Free and Clear which you can order from Amazon and it has nothing in it and has worked fine.

Scott didn’t use to have a sensitive scalp but yeah lately it’s kinda sensitive. It’s not as bad that I cannot schampoo though thankfully. I feel bad while doing it but it passes shortly after; however I feel really dizzyish just by drawing my hand over my head (wich has quite short hair atm).

Thank you both for suggestions; I think I’ll stick with the toothpaste then =)