Migraine Diet is it worth it?

Hi all!!! Is there really anyone here who noticed a DRASTIC change in their dizziness when they went on the migraine diet?? I am definitely will to try and be more strict with the diet, but I just wish I had some hope that it would DO ANYTHING. I have been running around 50% on 50 mg of Zoloft but just wish I could figure out if there is something I can cut out that would help with the rest! Thanks guys!

Hi Joli,

While there is no guarantee that by following the diet you will knock out symptoms, for most of us it is effective. If I do not adhere to a migraine diet, I really pay for it. Sometimes dizziness and sometimes just feeling ill with aches and pains, headaches and sore gut – even depressed. Once I get my act together, it makes a world of difference. The drugs I take would be for naught if I did not do the whole lifestyle as well.

How about starting by keeping a diary to look for correlations between foods and symptoms. You might find something there you never thought could be messing you around.

S :slight_smile:

I have been on a strict diet and keeping a journal and I find no triggers and not sure this is helping…I think all people, MAV or not feel better when we eat healthy…think about how you felt when you were healthy, you always felt bad after you over ate or ate a bunch of “crap”…I am ready to loosen the diet, really doubt I will see a difference.
As always, this may not apply to everyone!

I have also followed the diet very strictly for a couple of months (i read every packet etc and mostly just eat fresh) and i get maybe 10 ‘better’ days a month, around my period/hormonal times the diet seems to make no difference whatsoever :frowning:
Maybe hormones are my main trigger? I wonder if that is why men get a better response to the diet? (if indeed they do)
MAV sucks!

Hi: I would definitely give the diet a try. I have actually identified some triggers. I can’t eat any processed foods like frozen entrees or that great cheese spread I love so much. Or peanut butter. I can thankfully have caffeine in moderation although it;s the half caff and I only have one cup (big) in the morning. So actually I am eating healthier and have lost a few pounds. The diet is not the total answer though because I am only at about 70% most days. But when I do indulge in something I know is a trigger my headache is wicked bad and then the dizzies and lightheadness are significantly worse. And you are so right MAV SUCKS!

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Thanks Jolivew, and those who answered,

My husband, who does most of the cooking, uses only fresh foods, but I have not been strictly following the diet. If I can feel even a bit better it would be great. I have basically been going on a theory of no processed foods, no caffeine but and I have always hated luncheon meats- but maybe I should review the program and to see if there are places I am missing. I DO know that every once in a while I do have 1 piece of chocolate. I will need to stop that completely!
who is getting a bit discouraged with all these symptoms

I found that diet + nortriptaline + exercise made a hell of a difference for me.

Then for the past few weeks, I’ve gotten very little exercise, as I recover from surgery. Some dizzies, possibly also due to painkillers.

They’ve pretty well gone away.

This weekend, I indulged, some.

Several glasses of Riesling, kabinett, over the course of two days.
Some stollen, complete with raisins and currants and almond. Though I’d already experimented and found almond doesn’t seem to trouble me.
And no problems with this!

I do know that real chocolate sends me off, so I haven’t risked that one, or anything else with appreciable caffeine.

Others have been more adventurous, but I’ve been very, very hesitant up to now. And no, in case you wondered, I didn’t chance mixing alcohol and painkillers. (Enough ice on an ache dials the pain way down.)