Migraine Diet

Well . . . I am sure that many of you are, or have been, just like me when I read the “foods to avoid” on the migraine diet. My normal diet consists of everything on the “foods to avoid” list. My range of food is so far reaching that the task seems a bit overwhelming.

I visited Johns Hopkins after having just about enough of dead ends with my vertigo. I have the kind that strikes out of nowhere, cannot stand or function for several days. The room spins like a top relentlessly. Initially, I thought it might be BPPV, so I tried the Epley’s Maneuver. What a mistake. As it was, the slightest head movement was torture. Now, the daunting task of narrowing down the possible triggers. I sure hope pizza isn’t one of them :0).

I am new to this discussion, so any advice (non-medical) would be appreciated. My job is very particular about medications that don’t fit into their corporate guidelines. I prefer medication as a last resort. Oh, one last question. Should I expect to have this “spacy” feeling for a while?

Personally, I did the migraine diet a little differently than most people on this site, but the basics are still the same. I know this sucks, but you have to remove everything from your diet that is on the list, and you have to remain very true to it for the first two or three months. I personally wasn’t eating anything and lost 5 to 10 pounds. the changes your body will experience are gradual so you probably won’t notice any improvement.

Once your system is cleared out, you can start adding food on the list back in to find your triggers or aggrevators. If the diet is going to work for you, you will notice certain foods will cause your symptoms to act up. Avoid those foods. You have to be careful at this stage to not add more than one food at a time from the no-no list. If you eat two foods on the list at the same time, how do you know which one was the cause, or was it both.

Through trial and error, I have found that I can eat most foods on the list. I spent a lot of time curled up on the couch from foods that I shouldn’t have eaten, but now I know what food does what to me, what foods I can eat with no problem, which foods I can ‘cheat’ with as long as it is occasional, and which foods I absolutely can not touch.

BTW, I can eat pizza as long as I am careful about the toppings. Pepperoni is absolutely out, ham is questionable, so I don’t touch it, Italian sausage is another questionable meat, so I stay with pork sausage, and olives are also out. Beyond that, I am fine with pizza.

That ‘spacy feeling’ you are asking about I can’t answer. I would need a discription of it in order to what it is that you are asking about. I experience “brain-fog” wich comes and goes with dizziness. I have experience a constant dizzy state for over 18 months. I can’t answer your question without more info.

As far as the meds go, almost all of us require meds. If your company has a problem witht that, I think that your company might have a few problems with the law then. Would you tell a diabetic that he couldn’t take his meds? Would you tell an epeliptic that she couldn’t take her meds? How about any body with a disability that needs meds in order to function, would you tell them that they couldn’t take their meds? Well, if you can’t function without meds and they won’t let you take your meds, then they are not compliant with the Act for Americans with Disabilities and are leaving themselves wide open for a law suit on many different levels.Fines, loss of government contracts, bad publicity during the court process, and more. I would recomend talking to a human resource representative within your company.