Migraine-free cooking

I came across this blog which seems to have some good advice going on. Thought you guys might want to take a look:


and her website here:


Looks like she has a book out and refers to Buchholtz a fair bit.

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I have the migraine free cooking book and it’s quite good. It does
include a lot of the information from Buchholz’s book to refer back to. I actually prefer the migraine cookbook by Michelle Sharp as each recipe has a table showing which common migraine triggers are used. It has delicious and easy to make recipes.


Hi Jenlo - which of the Michelle Sharp cookbooks?? On Amazon.com there are two of them but the 2nd one (Eat Well Live Well in the title) got much better reviews. I notice that so many recipes out there use so many ingredients that I am rather intolerant or allergic to… so I’m looking for substitute foods and recipes. Thanks!

Hi Gail

My one is the one printed 2001 with Eat well, Live well in the Amazon title. I think the other one is a later version. It is a good book if you are just restricting the more well known triggers of cheese, chocolate, alcohol, bananas, nuts and citrus fruit. However, quite a few of the recipes include onions and some other items I know Buchholz’s book says to avoid. For me, as I’m focusing on the more well known triggers at the moment, it’s ideal. I recommend the warm spinach salad as a quick and tasty meal although it does have balsalmic vinegar in it!

If you want to let me know which foods you have to avoid, I’m happy to check through my version to see if many recipes are suitable for you before you buy?


Hi Jeni
That’s so nice for you to check! I have to avoid the “usual” triggers mentioned but pretty much need to also avoid wheat, rice, corn, yeast… still not sure on onion or garlic and haven’t noticed the spinach. I actually think my problems with grains are allergies not triggers, so if I ingest too much too often I end up consistently dizzy and congested no matter how much medication I take. Sheesh. Thanks!
Gail : )

Hi Gail

I’m always happy to help. I’ve had a look through the book and I’d say 35-45% of the recipes include rice, pasta or other wheat based products. (although I will admit my knowledge of foods containing wheat is not great.) It includes yeast in the table of common triggers for each recipe so you can see which ones to avoid for yeast.

Not all the recipes are full meals, some of them are just salads or side vegetables to go with the main part of the meal. I love experimenting with recipes so it’s great for me to mix and match the different parts of a meal. I also recommend Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals book although that’s not a great one for avoiding triggers. His Sea bass, pancetta and lime & chilli sweet potato mash recipe is delicious!

Hope that helps


Thanks, Jeni. That helps me figure out whether or not to purchase the book. Having an issue with grains is a real hindrance. I can eat potatoes so at least I get some carbs in there for energy besides a few fruits and many vegetables. Since being diagnosed with migraine variant/MAV and cutting out offending foods I’ve dropped 5-6 lbs but I need the energy and nutrition of a variety of foods. When I see my allergist in a few weeks I’m going to ask for a referral to a dietician who is adept at multiple food allergies and intolerances. Makes eating a real challenge at times. I just ordered a number of books on allergies for my daughter and I this week from Amazon so I’ll see what help those can be.