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Migraine & Histamine link

zyrtec helps me quite a bit. It is interesting that antihistamines seem to help a lot of us with theses symptoms. As far as I understand Nortriptyline and Amitriptyline have some antihistamine effects as well.

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This is all really good info for me…we bought a house in May 2019 and I had my first episode in Sept, since then we have found out that I’m highly allergic to the lawn and the insulation. I’m going to bring this up to the ENT

Hypersensitivity - to anything and sometimes it seems everything - is part of the condition. I developed hayfever first time ever. Came as part of my MAV package. Could be a main trigger though I doubt it would be the root cause. . With the female of the species I would pump for fluctuating hormones every time. Be interesting to see what your ENT says though. May you receive words of wisdom.

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Pizotifen is high in antihistamine effects.