Migraine in children


I just wondering if anyone has a child with migraine since it is heredity. My 8 year old daughter has complained for about a year now of short, very brief episodes (usually lasting a few minutes) where she says she feels like she’s in a dream and that things appear not real. Is this possibly an aura? She doesn’t complain of headache or nausea though. Bright lights and crowded shopping centres seem to be triggers. Any thoughts? I’m going to take her to the doctor next week where I guess she’ll be sent to a neurologist for testing.



Last May my 6 year old daughter had a bout of vertigo. She was staggering down the hallway and honestly I thought she was just trying to be like mommy( I have been diag with mav and have vertigo issues) but then she started vommiting. After that she was fine. Then on the forth of July, she woke up in the middle of the night in tears stating the room was spinning. She started vommiting again. This went on for 20 minutes or so and she was fine again. She has been fine ever since. I took her to primary care doctor, who referred her to ent, who reffered her to an octologist. He said she has bppv of childhood which will grow to mav in adulthood. Bright light and crowded shopping centers have def been triggers for me. I’m sorry your daughter is going through this.