Migraine loses painful punch: genetic studies

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A good article:

theaustralian.com.au/news/he … 5826902782

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I need a new kitchen…

Interesting article. Visual disturbances - i.e my focus is not good when gazing at things was mentioned quite a bit.

Victoria -

That’s funny! :lol:

“Yes, dear, don’t worry your pretty little head - you just need a new kitchen - that’ll put a stop to all this.”


That kitchen line jumped out at me too. Plus, I identified with part of the initial paragraph, where it mentioned disturbance in perception of color. Even though that’s happened to me only once, it really scared me when I lost my ability to see colors for a few minutes. At the time, I thought I might have had a stroke - went and had tests that were all negative. Only years later, after finding out I’m a migraineur, did I realize it was an aura.

Hi Mary Alice,

The visual aura (scintillating scotoma) is nasty and freaky. Mine are usually white, zig zaggy shimmering lines but I had one once where there were coloured shapes spinning on their own axes (axises?) on the zig zag. Super freaky. And not in a good way.

About 10 years ago I progressively lost vision in one eye (the aura eye) including colour perception (red) over several days, as well as being very very sick for several weeks. At the time I ended up with a diagnosis of optic neuritis which is very highly correlated with MS. Happily, two MRIs later I still don’t have MS so the neurologist’s opinion now (following lots of MAV) seems to be that I may have had optic neuritis brought about by a virus or it may not have been optic neuritis at all, but a very bad case of MAV. Ironically, the doctors at the time initially thought migraine, but it was me who insisted it wasn’t, as it was so different to my previous migraines and so prolonged.

As for the new kitchen - yes, beyond patronising. However I DO actually need a new kitchen and it made me laugh to think that if I got one I could live migraine free forever :lol: .