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Migraine Preventative List from Hain/Cherchi

I was referencing Hain’s med flowchart and found this page with several migraine preventatives listed and their thoughts on effectiveness and side effects for each one. I thought it was very helpful information and wanted to share:


Dr Hain and his entourage seem to be giving his website a bit of a makeover at present. A new look. Easier on the eye maybe but pretty much the same info as has been there for a long time. It’s a brilliant site though, virtually a complete reference handbook for dizziness and balance clinics and must take a considerable amount of time and work to maintain. It always makes me laugh at myself when I think about it. It was an amazing discovery to me when I first found it, tantamount to finding gold but, and it’s so ridiculous looking back, but I actually went off looking to see if I could find something better. What an idiot. How could I possibly have hoped to better it. Helen

Yes, its a refreshed look and updated tech. They were on Front-page '98 until that update … 20 year old tech! :smiley:

I guess I missed the detailed info on all of the preventatives in the past!

FrontPage 98. OMG. Amazing that software still worked with today’s browsers.

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Yeah bonkers, I’m surprised Front-page still worked and allowed him to edit!

I’ve a feeling they have merged two documents now. I have seen the flowchart as a separate document too at some stage. The latest version is certainly easier on the eye.