Migraine Research using Vitamin Supplementation

Thought I’d pop these links here in case anyone else is interested. Might get a migraine gene test for free if you are accepted for the trial and presumably the vitamins too! Doesn’t say whether anyone taking preventative meds is eligible.

I just use the amounts Prof Griffiths used in one of her trials. She hasn’t perfected it yet, and is recruiting for another trial. (2mg folic acid, 25mg B6, 400micrograms B12). Here are some interesting links…




here is the trial info


Click on Migraine trial - FINAL Phase. Yes you can keep taking prescription meds, just not B Vitamins. You don’t need to live near the university, but you do need to live in Australia.

Hi Barb,

This ties in with a book I am reading at the moment “Could it be B12, an epidemic of misdiagnosis”. Very interesting book. People diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimers Disease, Fatigue, Depression, etc. made well with B12, B6 and Folic Acid. The levels they decide are “low” of B12 mine were a lot lower when I was diagnosed years ago and yet my drs. acted as though I had a small cut on my finger. I now receive B12 injections every 10 weeks.

I just wanted to say, before anyone charges off to get all these three vitamins, once you take folic acid it masks B12 deficiency, therefore any blood test for B12 after being on folic acid wont be true. Best to go and get tested for B12 deficiency first.


i might give this a go thanks :smiley:

What dosages do i need?

This is interesting but those are quite high doses, do you know if there are any side-effects to taking a daily dose this high?