Migraine so common yet no cure. why?

why arent the researchers doing enough to find a permanent cure when it is such a common disease? to find a cure they need to find a cause. yet to date all causes r just theories and no solid confirmation? what bullshit is this? just cz its been determined to be a harmless disease does not mean there should not be enough funding for the research. if they find a cure millions of peoples lives willl be better.its frustrating

Hi Nabeel,

The cause is genetic. I think what you’re trying to say is the mechanism is not clear. Calcium channel problem? Serotonin problem? Seems to be different scenarios for different migraineurs. And so there won’t be a real permanent solution or “cure” for this unless gene therapy progresses or they can fix whatever channelopathy a person might have. Cystic fibrosis is an example of another genetic disease that at present cannot be cured but is managed.

Migraine is a neurological brain disease. Very complex to find a fix for … that is evident in the availability of targeted migraine drugs. Most are off-label and a lot 30+ years old.


a cure or better treatments for mav, you mean. These migraine drugs work fabulously on my headaches, but most do nothing for my vertigo- this is the real issue. And more controlled studies of drugs used for the purpose of mav so that as patients we arent shooting at the dark so much with these med trials.