Migraine sufferers stigmatized--study

Here’s something I bet y’all didn’t know! (NOT!)

“Migraine Sufferers Stigmatized Because of Their Condition: Study”


This is so true! I’ve suffered migraines for 16 years (all my adult life) and managed to continue to work until MAV reared it’s ugly head. I didn’t tell people, other than really close friends, I had migraines because people judged - ‘It’s just a bad headache - suck it up!’. If only… I could work through a migraine - just kept to myself, kept quiet, probably wasn’t a productive as normal, and didn’t socialise as much. But MAV…forget about it! People, doctors especially, need to be educated about migraines and MAV and the effects they have on our everyday lives.

Great article, thanks for sharing!