Migraine triggered by noise :(

So I went out last night and all was well but all day I had nausea that wasnt a good sign for me.
I was okay until we went to a club at aboujt 11.30 and this song came on with a very loud base it was really thumping and then the weirdest thing happened it felt like the inside of my head was vibrating with the music only for a few seconds then everything started to violently spin.
I managed to get out of the club and once I got in the fresh air I seemed to come round.
I had two drinks all night and that was it but when I got in the taxi home I had such bad nausea thought I was going to be sick and then the head pains started shooting ones and pains in my eye aswell.
I got into bed to the room revolving around me but took my amitrip and then things calmed down again so I could sleep.
I woke upnot to bad and not as dizzy as when Ive been out before so that part has improved but I now know mymigraine is trigggered by noise so nightclubs are out for me now probably for good.
Anyone else have noise as a trigger?

Hi Blondie,

Yes, I’m pretty sure I fall into this category too. While I stay out of loud bars now because I can’t stand the noise (even when I was a boy I had a hard time with loud noise and still remember freaking out at the Ontario Science Centre when we saw this exhibit where there were LOUD zaps of electricity flying around), the last 2 times I was in a loud bar for a couple of hours I was migraining out of my mind the day after. One of those times I didn’t drink anything either except soda water.

To think I used to do all-night dance parties. I’d be in the ER now. :shock:


Blondie…since having Vestibular Migraine (MAV)…Loud Noise can take me over the top so i stay away from those types of atmospheres. The Crowds and loud Noise really increases the Stimula and my motion symptoms REV Up~