Migraine Vertigo Question

I was recently diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo, after seeing my eye doctor, GP, Neuro (who sent me to get an MRI), and finally an ENT. My ENT checked me out and said I probably have MAV. (no lesions, stroke, tumor, etc. on my MRI)

My question - is it possible to be dizzy (vertigo) every day for 3 weeks from migraines? The only time I’m not dizzy is when I’m lying down. About 5 minutes after I climb out of bed in the morning, the dizzy spells hit. They last all day long - probably 25+ spells that force me to stop what I’m doing until they pass, and I feel light headed w/ occasional headaches all the time. It just seems so odd that a migraine can hit every day for 3 weeks. Wouldn’t I get relief one day, or two, or for a couple of hours, etc? if it were migraines? Don’t migraine’s normally come and go?

This is all very new to me so thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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It does sound sucky, and yes, it can be that strong. fortunately, it often goes into less troubling phases . . . or maybe, as my ENT put it, your system learns to make a good accommodation.

Thanks David. I appreciate the response :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s possible to be like that for weeks or months (unfortunately). I had constant problems every day for months on end, but then - with the help of medication and lifestyle modifications - it did eventually settle down. Hopefully things will improve for you soon. Best of luck.

Yes yes yes!! Mine has been for over 2 years…dizzy 24/7…in the form of “lightheaded” sort of a “high” feeling…never rotational. I’ve had my first dizzy free days starting in December, and it’s been trial and error with meds. I had a good day today and I wanted to dance in the streets, since those days are rare.
Sorry you’re in the boat!!

i’ve had months on end with daily dizziness - not every minute of the day but off and on all day long - i’ve had months where it wasnt so bad where i had some good “normal” feeling days. It’s sooooo unpredictable. Mine started 30 years ago with just seasonal allergy stuff - just two seasons and the other seasons were fine but now it’s year round - this past Fall was the worst ever and i never really had much of a break this year even in the winter. Yesterday was absolutely horrible and had to get a ride to the dentist and today was a bit better and managed to go to the gym.

i hate the unpredictability of this. I love the good days and more realistically - the good “hours” believe me. I’ve learned to appreciate them but usually once February rolls around i’m looking at many many months off daily crap!


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is it possible to be dizzy (vertigo) every day for 3 weeks from migraines?

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Sixdeep – yes, definitely. Some here have been dizzy continuously and have been for months and months – even years.

Best … Scott

I don’t know if I can explain this very well, but I’ll try, as best as I understand it -

You’re not actually having “migraine” per se constantly. It’s migraine ASSOCIATED dizziness or vertigo because migraine has instigated it, but it doesn’t mean that migraine-type chemical/electrical reactions are occurring all the time in reaction to some migraine trigger(s).

In other words, your brain gets “set off” by some trigger or triggers to have a migraine reaction - before now, your brain never reacted with the dizziness, but lucky you, NOW your brain and vestibular system are all messed up together and continue to be affected after the migraine storm has passed. Other migraine storms may occur (or not), but the mess is still there.

Sorry to have to welcome you to the club. :frowning:

PS - Just noticed you’re in my neck of the woods. Lovely weather we’re having lately, eh?

Welcome, six,

I agree with what Mary Alice said. It’s not a question of having migraines per se, but instead, that the migraines have triggered the vertigo i.e.: you don’t have to have headaches at all with this. Hopefully you can work with your doctor (did you say you have a neurologist who knows about migraine associated vertigo?) who can get you on some medications. I would recommend reading some of the posts here to familiarize yourself with what has worked for those of us here, as you might gain some insight. Lifestyle modifications also help. I read your profile and hate to tell you, but you may have to cut back on the beer for a bit. Bummer, I know. :wink: Anyway, the best way to deal with this is to find a doctor who knows about MAV, but also to educate yourself about it. This site is great for that. Keep in mind everyone is different in terms of symptoms/what meds work, etc, but you will definitely see patterns and find that this is a great community for sharing info/ideas/support.

Best, Bonnie

That makes a lot of sense. I was very confused about the idea that I had a 3 week migraine. Now I get it.

I cut out the coffee and have been taking vallium and maxalt for 4 days. Last night I actually felt some relief for the first time. I went to Gander Mountain expecting to have horrible dizziness and it never hit me. So I walked around over and over, expecting it to hit any minute, and it didn’t. I couldn’t believe it!! I was so happy I wanted to cry. My head still feels off (lightheaded is the only word I can think of but more like a feeling of being distant), but I haven’t had any powerful dizzy spells so far this morning. So, maybe I’m on the road to recovery?

If I continue to be dizzy free, my only question is which drug actually works - the maxalt or valium? I probably should have taken one and then moved on to another, as opposed to both simultaneously.

What is confusing with the word “migraine” is that all our lives we are fed the stereotype that a person gets a migraine, often believed to be the bad headache, when one doesn’t get a migraine, one has migraine. If migraine is continually being fed by whatever is triggering it, then one can be in a continuous phase of migraine, for weeks or months or years. It just fluctuates and often the other symptoms that come with it are misdiagnosed, as sinus irritation, allergy responses, eye strain, etc.
Get these books…
Heal Your Headache, by David Buchholz
The Migraine Brain, by Carolyn Bernstein

They expose the myths of migraine, how they really manifest themselves, and what we can do with our daily lives to ease the impact and occurrences.

Hi Bonnie,
My doctor is an ENT and he’s well renowned in the area; been at it for 30 years. My Neuro checked me out first and said I need to see the ENT. Odd, considering my dizziness is a brain issue and not an ear issue, right?

Anyway, I’ve been reading about drugs, trying to figure out what they all mean. I might have to experiment a little, but as I said, last night I had relief for the first time since this started. Maybe he’s got me on the right track. I can only hope

Did your doc say that Maxalt was to be taken on an ongoing basis? It could def be the combo or either drug. I think the valium is probably doing the most, especially helping with anxiety. It’s calming to the brain.
In any event, yahoo! You’re getting relief!!

I called the doc to make sure because on the maxalt bottle it said to take if I got a headache. But headaches aren’t my main problem. So I wanted to make sure that I needed to take them for dizziness. He said yes, take them to see if it would help the dizziness. I think you’re right though about the vallium. I definitely feel relaxed. Is valium something you can take for long periods of time without risk of dependency?


I went 18 months in a continuous dizzy state.

That being said, your next question regarding which medication is helping, I would guess that it is the Valium. I take it for relief from my more severe dizzy spells. It looks like maxalt is an migraine abortive med which I never had any luck with regarding the dizziness.

Regarding your last question about Valium. I’ve been taking it for years with no problem of addiction. I will point out that I do NOT take it every day, and that I also don’t take a large enough dose for what the docs believe to be addictable. It is easy to get addicted to it though when taken every day and in higher doses than I take.

I’m taking 2mg 4 times a day, so 8mg total. I weigh 230 lbs. Does that sound like much?

Interesting point regarding migraines. “One doesn’t get a migraine, one has migraine.” So the key is definitely figuring out my triggers.

Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the book store!

From what my doctor told me, (there are varying opinions on this) 15mg a day for a long term will cause borderline addiction. The key there is long term, that definition will vary from person to person and med to med. Personally, I would talk to your doc about that.

Are you referencing Valium? If so, that is very low. Also, unlike alcohol, weight doesn’t really factor in …its the way one metabolises drugs based on their chemistry.