Migraine without Headache

Okay so I am one of those who was diagnosed with migraines without headaches i.e. dizziness chronic dizziness with no headache symptoms
lately i went on a coffee binge. dont ask me why. i just did. i guess i was missing it way too much.eventually it took a toll on me and screwed up my symptoms. now that i am off the coffee again i have noticed that i am getting daily headaches and this has never happened to me in the last 2 years since i got this stupid illness. i know migraine symptoms can change but right now i cant seem to figure out if these headaches r due to migraine or due insomnia which i am facing daily evry night?

maybe it’s just plain old caffiene withdrawal?

yes lorcalon thats what i thought too…but these r wierd stabbing pains that come and go. i have never experienced them before

How long did you drink coffee for again and how long have you been off it? I wouldn’t have thought you should have daily headache from caffeine withdrawal for more than about a week.

I’m pretty much a non-headache migraineur. Rather, I get neck pain that refers pain to my head sometimes. Kinda different. Silver has a summary of exactly what I get in this info sheet:

chronic fatigue (sometimes)
neck or back pain (frequent)
generalised body pains and tenderness (frequent)
dizziness, vertigo (rarely)
poor memory and forgetfulness (frequent)
excess sensitivity to noise or light (sometimes)
exacerbation of irritable bowel symptoms (sometimes)
depression (rarely)
irritability (often)

Recommended reading - Oliver Sacks ‘Migraine’. He says ‘we use the term "migraine equivalent"to denote symptom-complexes which possess the generic features of migraine, but lack a specific headache component.’

Dr S refers to it as migraine variant.

Nabeel - this book goes into detail about visual symptoms of migraine and after images etc!

— Begin quote from “Jem”

Recommended reading - Oliver Sacks ‘Migraine’. He says 'we use the term “migraine equivalent”

— End quote

I like that. I’ve gotta check out this book though I see it’s long in the tooth now. Published in 1999. A lot has been learned in the last 15 years.

Yes really would recommend it Scott. It goes into so much detail and covers the same types of things Dr Silver talks about in his presentations. It even has people’s pictures they have drawn of their own scotomas and auras! Talks about the history of migraine as well. Even says for some people migraine can link to other conditions such as psoriasis and crohn’s colitis, both of which my brother suffers from! Also discusses the similarities between migraine and epilepsy, hence why for some anticonvulsants help their MAV I guess. I haven’t got to the treatments section yet. I am guessing that will be somewhat outdated now like you say as it was written a while ago. This guy definitely did his research though!

I found his book on google books for free. It’s an older version but it probably says all the same stuff. Think it’s from 1992. I’m already finding it really interesting and have only got half way through chapter 1.

Scott I have taking coffee for a month and been off coffee for a week now. The headaches are now getting going away. Havent felt any headache in 2 days. Hope it stays this way. But the question is do u think it was migraine or coffee withdrawal or due to insomnia? i hav slept better as well in the last 2 days.

Jem thanks for the book name. will look for it.