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Migraine World Summit Lessons (also Estonian neck exercises?)

Listened to a bunch of the Migraine World Summit Talks. Some big lessons kept hearing (please share any ideas you got from it too):

-Estonian Headache Society has great neck exercises for migraine but the website is in Estonian so can anyone find them in English?

-Botox works. Ironically I just did my first round and apparently my insurance company now mandate you see your doctor 6 weeks after and if there’s no improvement then they’ll likely stop the botox. My psych said to just say no matter what “there’s been improvement” (she said to say “some” but I’m just saying improvement to play it safe). So basically lie to make sure you get the 9 months total of the drug to see that it works.

-they’re unsure about CBD

-find a place that pairs you with multiple providers like what Mayo does. This seems the same as if a patient has already seen a bunch of specialists and a doctor who knows who they’ve seen (as going to the Mayo Clinic seems redundant or extravagant)

-there’s always more things to try

-exercise means breaking a little sweat

-text and use computer less and get up every 20 minutes

-we’re made to be active

-if you want to try Keto, try to cut your carbs in half for 3 months and see if that gives you energy (tried my best and doesn’t seem to do much)

-when you’re feeling able to, do something for yourself that feels good (I find tv and listening to funny podcasts helps), and live freely


A good set of slides from Dr.Texido who presented at the summit