"Migraines Cut Breast Cancer risk 30%"

My brother sent this to me and called this the positive side of Migraines :lol: Sorry guys, this doesn’t help you out. But for us women, we can now rejoice in our dizziness!

On another note, some of you know that I have signed up for the Migraine Cure and am to get my blood work back any day now. The premise of the program is to look at hormone levels and to try and get those hormones back to a normal level. I know that my progesterone is rock bottom and that estrogen withdrawal is also problematic. This article gives the program more credence to me. We’ll see.




Thanks for that link. I swear I was thinking of you last night and wondering how you’ve been doing. Please keep us posted.

Be well,


thanks Molly that’s interesting.

speaking of the Migraine Cure , has anyone heard from Scott?
I know he was having some isseus with the detox at first, is he Ok now?


Well, the women have migraine problem they have 30% chances to develop breast cancer.And this cancer is very common in women because the hormones affected by the migraines so risk of breast cancer.