Migraines from objects

So I have posted a few times about my sensitivity to certain clothing, some new, some used without any rhyme or reason as to what will set it off. Today my husband and I brought home some antique ceramic lamps. Probably from the 60s or 70s at the latest. Didn’t notice a problem at the store perhaps since I had a mask on. But now that I have them in my house I can’t seem to be in same room with them or I get severe ear popping head pain symptoms. The lamps honestly don’t smell like anything. I mean zero scent. So is it in my head or what? If so, how do I get over it? I have spent so much money on things that I can’t keep or use because of this sh$@. More like wasted money. My husband is going to be so disappointed because we spent a lot of money and they are really cool lamps. I’m so over this. 6 years in and still fighting this crap every day.

Lamps? What type of lamps? Are they switched on? Is it the type of light they produce? Is it the colour of same? Are they brightly patterned and throwing out patches/dappled coloured lights? As they don’t smell maybe somehow they are affecting your vision by changing the light in that room somehow. Causing Visual Vertigo or light sensitivity or both.

Table lamps… Its actually when they are turned off believe it or not. I have issues with different types of lighting so would expect that, but this is the fixtures themselves, unplugged! Its crazy. Can’t be in the room with them.

So, not even brightly patterned or a busy design? And no smell? Did it change the visual flow of the room? Or the subtle acoustics?

Maybe they’re haunted.

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Haha perhaps they are haunted. At this stage I would believe anything is possible! So frustrated that I cant pinpoint what will or won’t cause me problems at any given time. Its the most insidious condition. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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Me, either. It is a surreal experience.

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We suffer so much with all this sensory stuff I think long term it’s bound to have some physchological impact. Might I suggest you try using a similar process to that I would use getting a horse or a dog used to a new item that spooked it. Leave the item, the lamps in this case, in the vicinity but for a few days either completely covered them up or way back in a distant corner so they aren’t at all prominent. Then sometime when you are feeling OK otherwise try uncovering them briefly, very briefly to start and gradually build up. Best time might be when you happen to be in that room doing something else that totally distracts you from their presence. That way eventually they become quite literally part of the furniture.


That takes hyperactive fight or flight migraine brain in a whole new direction. Angela Stanton calls us thoroughbreds. Maybe we are.


Really good idea. I will try this. Thanks!!

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Don’t forget to post the result.

Can you leave them outside for a few days to “off gas”? Then try introducing them into your home. I’m terrible with anything plastic, paint, especially old paint, ceramic etc. It is hard to explain unless you experience the problem. Antique objects sometimes have lead paint and you may have a sensitivity to that. Yes, this condition is unbelievably hard to deal with or even get a handle on. Good luck.